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The Pull List for February 25, 2015

Well, here's to the end of the month of February. Did it go by super fast to anyone else, because seriously, I feel like this month just started a few days ago. Is this what it's like to grow older? Also, be expecting some more reviews this week! I've finally managed to get consistent wifi, and I have many, many thoughts about a lot of comics from the past few weeks.

Definitely To Buy
All New Captain America: Fear Him #4
Via Previews World
All-New Captain America: Fear Him #4 (of 4) (Marvel) - So is this horror? Is it a blatant ripoff of Dr. Crane from Batman? Could I dislike Nomad any more if I tried? These are all questions that have been going through my mind as I've been reading this series. Don't take this the wrong way; I'm enjoying the shit out of Fear Him. Seeing a more human side to Sam Wilson is refreshing, especially considering his dickhead turn in AXIS (yes, I know it was because of the inversion, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it), but this is feeling less and less like a Captain America comic and more like they're seeing if people would like to read about Nomad ... which is fine, I guess, although they can't count me in those numbers. Even though I can't really rate this series as highly as the regular series, I'm glad I didn't skip it.
Catwoman #39
Via Go Collect
Catwoman #39 (DC) - 1) No, I do not care about the Harley Quinn cover, even if it is also done by Jae Lee. 2) I don't care what anybody says; Catwoman is one of the best comics that DC has going for it right now. I feel like Selina is as similarly underrated as Marvel's Storm (also another excellent series). Men they are connected to - Bruce/Batman to the former, and Logan/Wolverine to the latter - have what seems like a billion titles under their banner, very few of which I actually care to read, but their publishers don't trust that people would be interested in either for very long. And fuck that. Selina (and Ororo, for that matter) has such a rich history and complex, complicated characterization that she actually rivals her male counterpart. Long live Miss Kyle.
Elektra #11
Via Marvel Comics
Elektra #11 (Marvel) - Le sigh, another canceled series that I love. Del Mundo does such an exquisite job on the art that I'm seriously hoping he will be moved to another series, even if it isn't within Marvel. Hey, Image or Valiant? Look at Del Mundo!! Ooooooh, I know! Let him to a Geomancer book! Look at that, am I brilliant or what?
Low #6
Via Image Comics
Low #6 (Image) - You know how I love Stel? Well, even I, a persistent optimist, am having huge doubts as to how well this can turn out, and Stel's fate is at the forefront of my mind. It would actually suit her to sacrifice her life to liberate her children, but ugh, I would cry so hard if that ends up happening. Anyway, the first arc is coming to a close, and I'm both hesitant and excited about this issue. I wasn't expecting the plot to head in this direction and so I'm not entirely prepared to see how far Remender will take this.
Men of Wrath #5
Via Marvel Comics
Men of Wrath #5 (Marvel) - This was supposed to come out on the 11th of this month, so you can click over there to see what I wrote back then. I don't feel like typing it out again.
Orphan Black #1
Via Go Collect
Orphan Black #1 (IDW) - O.M.G. This. This comic right here. This is the one I have been squeaking about since I discovered it was being made. As excited as I am about Spider-Gwen, I am even more bouncy about Orphan Black. But are you kidding me with that many covers? I have never been a fan of photo covers, so at least I could eliminate that one, but fuck. Which one am I going to chooooose?
Spider-Gwen #1
Adam Hughes Variant
Via Comics Alliance
Spider-Gwen #1 (Marvel) - Just like with the above Orphan Black, there are so many freaking covers for this first issue - well,  not as many as OB, but still - that I am having a hard time deciding if I want the Adam Hughes (above), or the Skottie Young, or the regular cover, which is just as awesome as the two others. A lot of what I loved about the Edge of Spider-Verse #2 was Robbi Rodriguez' artwork, which was perfectly paired with Jason Latour's writing. They just got each other, and I can only expect that will continue into the regular series.
Thor Annual #1
Via Den of Geek
Thor Annual #1 (Marvel) -Um, yeah. I don't really care that CM Punk has joined Marvel to write this, which apparently was a big selling point for some people? I've never followed professional wrestling, but I hope he does well. I guess? I'm more excited to see Noelle Stevenson's addition to this annual than anything else, and Marguerite Sauvage having a hand in it art-wise is a big bonus. Plus, that cover looks pretty great, except for a somewhat Constipated Bro expression that Odinsson has on his face. At least Thor looks rad.

Trade Only
  • Inhuman #12 (Marvel)*
  • Red Lanterns #39 (DC)
  • Secret Avengers #13 (Marvel) 
  • The Wicked + The Divine #8 (Image)
I'll Read It
Curb Stomp #1
Via Previews World
Curb Stomp #1 (Boom! Studios) - A lot of what draws me to this book is that Tula Lotay did the covers. I love her work on Supreme: Blue Rose, which sadly will be ending soon, so it's nice to know that she's getting work beyond that. Anyway, a lot of the vibe I'm getting from this comic is reminiscent of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, which is one of my favorite novels from when I was a kid (seriously, I read that book nearly every six months for several years), only it's young women instead of disenfranchised white boys in the 60s. Really looking forward to this one!

Darth Vader #2 (Marvel) - I think I may be one of the few people who didn't really care for the first issue of Darth Vader. It isn't bad, but it was a little disappointing that Vader just sort of seemed ... just there? His single-handed invasion of Jabba's palace was pretty great, but for the most part, Vader acted neutered instead of motivated. However, I'm willing to give Gillen a chance to get things moving here, since I felt similarly underwhelmed with Angela: Asgard's Assassin for a bit. I trust you, Kieron. Mostly.
Gotham Academy #5
Via Gotham Spoilers
Gotham Academy #5 (DC) - While I do find this series cute, I'm not sure how much longer I can have another YA-focused title on my pull list. I've even cut back on Batgirl, so moving this into possibly even Gone (makes me a little sad, actually) isn't out of the realm of possibility. I do like that DC took a chance with this series, though, because it is very dissimilar to the other Bat-titles out right now, but I'm not sure it's enough to keep me coming back each month.

Slightly Interesting
Suiciders #1 (Vertigo) - So ... basically, Running Man again? I dunno, Bitch Planet had a similar feel, but it was innovative in that it was focused solely on women and issues surrounding feminism, sexism, agism, racism, etc., but Suiciders doesn't seem to add anything to make me think it is just Running Man mixed with Escape from LA. I may or may take a look at it, but we'll see.

Yay, nothing gone this week! For the second week in a row!

* Okay, I reeeaaaaaaally like the Phil Noto variant here, but I will wait for the trade to come out. Probably. Maybe. 
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