Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Pull List for March 4, 2015

And so begins the month of the DC movie poster variants. I'm not going to lie; I will be purchasing some of the comics just because of the covers. So DC was smart about this. They'll be even smarter if they actually make posters out of them. 

Definitely To Buy
Angela: Asgard's Assassin #4
Via Marvel Comics
Angela: Asgard's Assassin #4 (Marvel) - After last month's issue, hell YES, will I be buying the rest of this series forever. Okay, that's hyperbole, but I don't care. Kieron Gillen is already one of my favorite comic writers right now (although Darth Vader didn't really grab me, sadly), and a big reason is how gutsy he is. His work on Young Avengers and The Wicked + The Divine is groundbreaking and diverse but not preachy, which is one thing that I didn't necessarily really like about Jason Aaron's feminist spiel in the latest Thor (I get that he was just spouting back the childish complaints about passing Mjolnir to a woman, but it came across as a little like pandering to me). Anyway, I have no idea where this story is headed - yet another hallmark of anything by Gillen - and I fully expect to enjoy the ride.
Birthright, Volume 1: Homecoming Trade Paperback
Via Image Comics
Birthright, Volume 1: Homecoming TPB (Image) - I am really hoping that this is, indeed, the cover of the trade because that is awesome. Can't wait to have Three read this.
G.I. Joe #6
Via Go Collect
G.I. Joe #6 (IDW) - Oh, G.I. Joe, you missed your calling as political intrigue back in the 80s. Then again, it was a kid's show, and it would be difficult to keep their attention very long with backstabbing between governments and militaries. It would probably be difficult to sell toys of people who talk in board rooms, I guess, but if this series had come out when The West Wing was airing, it might even be one of the most popular comics out there. That could be wishful thinking (and fangirling, since Karen Traviss is such an idol for me) on my part, though.
Green Lantern #40
Tony Harris Movie Poster Variant
Via Go Collect
Green Lantern #40 (DC) - Yep, this is the first one of the movie poster variants that I'm buying. I don't even care what's inside. Honestly, this one is for Three, whose favorite movie on the planet is 2001: A Space Odyssey, so this is kind of like a really belated Valentine's Day present. Love you, sweet cheeks!
All-New Hawkeye #1
Sho Murase Women of Marvel Variant
All-New Hawkeye #1 (Marvel) - All I am going to say about this new series is that I am skeptical it will be as good as the previous run but that I am going to try to appreciate it as much as possible since Jeff Lemire is involved. I also find it a little weird that the new series is starting before the last issue of Hawkeye, but whatever, Marvel. It's your business.
Operation: S.I.N. #3
Via Marvel Comics
Operation: S.I.N. #3 (of 5) (Marvel) - The second issue wasn't as good as the first, but I am loving that I'm seeing more Peggy Carter. I need to go back and watch the last two episodes of the show, since I'm woefully behind (I've been suffering from Parks and Rec feels and have been watching the entire series out of mourning), to see if there are any parallels in the comic, but it seems like the comic version of Peggy is much more confident than the TV version. I know that comics and TV are very different mediums, and that neither interpretation is necessarily right or wrong, but the comic Peggy resonates so much more with me than Hayley Atwell's portrayal of her.
Princess Leia #1
Mark Brooks Variant
Via Blastr
Princess Leia #1 (of 5) (Marvel) - I really wanted this to be an ongoing, since Leia doesn't get nearly enough recognition as it is, but hey, this looks promising. Perhaps if it's popular enough, they'll give more female Star Wars characters their own series. Maybe Hera! I'd love to see her life before she joined up with Kanan. But this is about Leia. I feel like the character was sort of given the shaft with the expanded universe (The Courtship of Princess Leia is quite possibly the worst offender here), so giving her a chance to shine separately from the men is exciting.
Supreme: Blue Rose #7
Via Image Comics
Supreme: Blue Rose #7 (Image) - And here is the finale of this miniseries, which wasn't being advertised as such. Honestly, I spent most of my time reading Supreme: Blue Rose being absolutely confused, and I think it's definitely one of those series that you have to read all in one lump sum. And I'm not going to lie: the primary reason I kept returning to this is due to Tula Lotay's artwork. It's just so haunting and ethereal, and it was pretty perfect for the story that Warren Ellis was telling.

Trade Only
  • Hinterkind #16 (Vertigo)
  • Rat Queens #9 (Image)
  • Revival #28 (Image)  
  • Saga #26 (Image)
  • Swamp Thing #40 (DC)
  • The Woods #11 (Boom! Studios)
I'll Read It
Alex + Ada, Volume 2 Trade Paperback
Via Image Comics
Alex + Ada, Volume 2 TPB (Image) - I have heard nothing but good things about this series, and it seems to be like a lot of my favorite things: unappreciated but critically praised. I'm going to see if the first trade is available via the library before I pick this one up, but I'll keep you guys updated.

Descender #1 (Image) - Jeff Lemire is everywhere these days, not that I'm complaining. Ever since I finally got a chance to read Trillium (which everyone should pick up because it's weird and beautiful and amazing and I love it so), I've been a cheerleader for him. Plus, this series seems to have been inspired by Philip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov, and that's always a good route to go. And you can't go wrong by making it double-length and pricing it at $2.99.

The Dying and the Dead #2 (Image) - I thought the first issue was fine, but I'm not sure that it's something I want to permanently add to my pull list. The art is different, and the world definitely seems expansive, similar to Drifter. But I just wasn't drawn into the story, possibly because, after finishing Men of Wrath (and so many movies over the last, oh, ever), I've kind of had my fill of old men having that one last stand or whatever.
Halogen #1
Giannis Miloagiannis Variant
Via Fresh Comics
Halogen #1 (Boom! Studios) - Okay, so the description just rings of Mass Effect's Reapers to me, which is partially why I am so interested in this. The other part is due to Afu Chan's involvement as artist; just click on the title and go over to his website and see what he can do. I haven't read any of Spera - most of what I know Chan from is his work with Image Comics - but I may have to now. 

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool TPB (Marvel) - I only read #0 and #1 of this series, and then just forgot to pick it up afterward. I'll read the trade, though, to see if I missed anything. I do enjoy pretty much anything involving Hawkeye, but Deadpool is losing his luster with me. I know Marvel is trying to amp up the public so the movie does well, but meh. #shrug
Spider-Woman #5
Siya Oum Variant
Via Fresh Comics
Spider-Woman #5 (Marvel) - Yaaaayyyyy, Greg Land is gone! I don't know if Marvel made this decision because of fan complaints or if it was the plan all along, but I choose to believe it's the former. Because then I feel like my opinion matters to them, even though it most definitely doesn't. That being said, though, now that I've had a bit more exposure to Dennis Hopeless' writing, I'm not sure that I will like this series even with Javier Rodriguez doing the art. Perhaps Hopeless has gotten a handle of Jessica Drew's voice at this point, but we'll see.

Slightly Interesting
  • Neverboy #1 (Dark Horse) - A friend of mine came to me, all upset that Dark Horse had apparently read his and his girlfriend's mind to come up with the premise of this story: an imaginary friend stays in the real world by ingesting drugs, although I was a lot more interested in my friend's version since Dark Horse has put out a lot of series lately that I just cannot get into.
  • Return of the Living Deadpool #2 (Marvel) - Just not impressed with this one. I'll stick with my Deadpool Killustrated, thankyouverymuch. Also oh my God can we be done with zombies already.
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