Friday, April 24, 2015

31 Day Star Wars Challenge

Via Movie Pilot
Because May is obviously Star Wars Month - at least, it is for me because I am a nerd - I'm gonna tackle another one of these challenges. The saga has been a part of my life since I was a wee one, partly thanks to my father who recognized that we had a common interest in all things sci-fi. All in all, I'm hopeful for the new trilogy, since Disney has every reason to NOT FUCK THIS UP. I'm looking at you, J.J. Abrams. Lens flare does not belong here.

Ahem. Here's what the month of May, starting on the 1st, has for you! Just as an aside, this challenge is dealing only with the movies in Star Wars and does not include any of the expanded universe, both animated Clone Wars series, that godawful Christmas special, etc. Because believe me, this list would be radically different otherwise.

Day 1: Least Favorite Character
Day 2: Which Side Am I On?
Day 3: Favorite Trailer
Day 4: Why I Love Star Wars
Day 5: Favorite Movie in the Original Series
Day 6: Favorite Movie in the Prequel Series
Day 7: All-Time Favorite Character
Day 8: Favorite Member of the Rebellion
Day 9: Favorite Member of the Empire
Day 10: Favorite Jedi
Day 11: Favorite Droid
Day 12: Favorite Ship
Day 13: Favorite Planet
Day 14: Character I Wish Got More Screen Time
Day 15: Favorite Battle
Day 16: Favorite Minor Character
Day 17: Book Versions vs. Movie Versions
Day 18: Best Star Wars-Related Story/Incident I've Had
Day 19: Favorite Scene in The Phantom Menace
Day 20: Favorite Scene in The Attack of the Clones
Day 21: Favorite Scene in Revenge of the Sith
Day 22: Favorite Track from the Prequels Soundtracks
Day 23: Favorite Scene in A New Hope
Day 24: Favorite Scene in The Empire Strikes Back
Day 25: Favorite Scene in Return of the Jedi
Day 26: Favorite Track from the Originals Soundtracks
Day 27: All-Time Favorite Scene in the Entire Saga
Day 28: Favorite Quote
Day 29: Something I Wish Was Different
Day 30: Favorite Movie from the Entire Saga
Day 31: What I Would Say to George Lucas
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