Saturday, May 16, 2015

31 Day Star Wars Challenge, Day 16: Favorite Minor Character

You know Oola? You know, Jabba's slave dancer that was unceremoniously offered up as rancor fodder* and then replaced by a captured Leia? She's a Twi'lek, which are essentially the asari of the Star Wars universe, only without a natural predisposition with the Force/biotics. Including the animated shows (Rebels and The Clone Wars), they have almost universal sexual appeal.
That's Oola on the right.
Via Of Blood and Honor: Star Wars Wiki
Unless we're talking about this guy:
Bib Fortuna
Via IMG Arcade
Bib Fortuna seems to me like that cousin you're a little ashamed of. He doesn't really represent the rest of your family, and he mostly just likes to brag about how important he is whenever you have a reunion. For the most part, you just kind of ignore him and hope that he gets wasted and falls asleep after an hour or so. What, you don't have a relative like that? You are missing out.

Now why is Bib Fortuna my favorite minor character? Because, even though he only gets a few minutes on screen, we know so much about the dude. Taking into account what I said above, I always get this feeling that he was the black sheep back on Ryloth - you know, basically the beginning of a Batman villain or something. He wasn't that attractive; well, he was gross. He had this weird oily headtail thing going on, and his eyes were sorta beady, and it kind of looked like he might have the gout, and dammit, he didn't have any eyebrows! So when Jabba offered him an inkling of power, he took advantage of it and became this gutless sycophant with nothing substantial motivating him. He has this exaggerated opinion of his own importance, as evidenced by his barring Luke from seeing Jabba about freeing his friends, but is ultimately mindless and easily susceptible to Luke's Force persuasion.

No, Bib Fortuna is not as epic as, say, Boba Fett, and he isn't as featured in the series as much as his boss, Jabba the Hutt, is. But I adore him. I want to watch a miniseries about his rise to his position as majordomo, from his humble beginnings as an outcast on his home planet to his probable death in Episode VI. I have the feeling it would be a more depressing, interstellar version of The Godfather. And that is something I could get behind.


* One of my biggest pet peeves from the prequels is the use of "poo doo," first uttered by Jabba in Return of the Jedi. Lucas decided that "hahaha it sounds like they're talking about poop" or "awww it's a cute alien word for 'shit!'" instead of sticking with the original meaning: fodder. Or, I think more accurately, slop. 
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