Tuesday, May 26, 2015

31 Day Star Wars Challenge, Day 26: Favorite Tracks from the Originals' Soundtracks

And the day for which I have been waiting has arrived. I am that person who, if you were to pick any part of any track from any of the original trilogy films, would be able to tell you what scene it was in and what dialogue was happening at that very moment. Because yes, I have seen these movies more times than should be humanly possible. And yet I feel no shame. Why should I?

"Princess Leia's Theme"
A New Hope

Leia's theme naturally has to be the first I post on here, because as you know, she is my favorite Star Wars character. It's a beautiful piece of music, sure, and it sounds delicate at the beginning, but as the song continues, it grows in strength and confidence, which perfectly personifies the princess. 

"The Imperial Probe Droid/Aboard the Executor"
The Empire Strikes Back

I am normally not somebody who enjoys dissonant music, but when it's used here midway through this track, it fits wonderfully and makes you feel ill at ease. 

"The Battle of Endor II"
Return of the Jedi

Right in the very middle is what is probably one of my favorite pieces from the entire saga: the lightsaber battle between Luke and Vader, when Luke lashes out after Vader discovers that Luke has a sister who could be turned should he and the Emperor fail to recruit Luke. So beautiful. 

"The Battle of Hoth"
The Empire Strikes Back

Just listen to this and tell me that you can't feel the urgency behind the sequence of events in the movie. 

"The Throne Room/End Title"
A New Hope

This is what the parade music from The Phantom Menace wants to be when it grows up.

"Luke's Nocturnal Visitor"
The Empire Strikes Back

Oh, you know who it is. Also, I just love Yoda's theme, especially when it's played all jolly like it is at the beginning.

What's so hard about posting the original soundtracks is because they're considered medleys, since it's not cut into the individual themes like the prequels' soundtracks are. So I suggest that you just go and listen to the uncut soundtracks on Spotify or YouTube.

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