Friday, May 29, 2015

31 Day Star Wars Challenge, Day 29: Something I Wish Were Different

Via Talking Comic Books
There are so many things about the prequels that I dislike, many of which I've about during this month's challenge: too much CGI, a complete lack of character development, the nonsensical storyline ... This list really could go on forever, and now I find myself really wishing that the Belated Media's version of the prequels (the first two, at least - I'm waiting on the third installment) was the real deal. Sigh.

However, my biggest issue isn't even that Jar Jar Binks exists, although that is a close second. It's just another example of the beef I had with George Lucas shoehorning Threepio and Artoo into the narrative of the prequels. His attempt at courting familiarity by paying fan service just rubbed me the wrong way. Don't get me wrong; seeing popular characters is a great promotional tool, and when it's done well, it's awesome. But when you have to go back and "fix" your original creation so it can at least seem plausible? That's when it gets a little muddy.

Via Manny Llamas
Now, I just don't get the hype behind Boba Fett, which I should probably add onto my list of possibly unpopular opinions. Sure, he looked cool, he didn't really do much for me. I'm more of a fan of the Mandalorians from The Clone Wars series and from the Knights of the Old Republic video game. Those guys are fucking cool, especially Canderous Ordo. But Boba? All he did in the original trilogy was follow Han Solo around and ultimately meeting his doom by falling into the sarlacc pit.

Then, in hopes to please the mass of fans that adore the bounty hunter, George decided that Boba needed to be included in the larger story, so he resurrected him as the clone son of yet another Mandalorian bounty hunter, Jango. Naturally, he is unaltered and allowed to be a bloodthirsty little shit, because Lucas does not know how to write children or women (see: young Anakin and Padme), and I generally started to loathe the character with the fire of a thousand suns.

Honestly, I just wish that they could have come up with something different from the Jango clones. I'm not opposed to the existence of clone soldiers, seeing as even in A New Hope, the Clone Wars were A Thing, but the concept of Boba as a default clone is just stupid to me. I really liked the idea of the clones being replications of Jedi knights in an attempt to combat the Separatists because of a shortage of warriors. As they became further removed from their initial source, the clones then began their own campaign for autonomy, therefore necessitating their destruction by Lord Vader and his own army and seeding distrust in the Jedi themselves. The entire galaxy would want to unite under someone like Palpatine, who would offer an alternative to the dogmatic Jedi and their clones. That seems more plausible and dramatic than what ended up coming out of Lucas' imagination, which was just a bunch of convoluted political talk that wasn't ever really explained that well.

Boba Fett could have remained in the supposed badass that fans wanted him to be had Lucas and Company gone a different direction with the clones. I'll admit that there is a certain amount of appeal in a character for whom you can create a backstory yourself. Why else would fan fiction exist? Fett definitely fit that bill for a lot of people, and I guarantee that plenty of them were disappointed by the bounty hunter's origins.

Now I'm just really glad that they chose to scrap the idea of showing Han as a kid. Jeez, how badly would that have been fucked up?

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