Saturday, May 30, 2015

31 Day Star Wars Challenge, Day 30 Favorite Movie from the Entire Saga

Via Posters Grindhouse
I am one of thousands of people that say The Empire Strikes Back is their favorite of the entire series, and even my reasons are far from novel. The dialogue is on point, from "I know" to "I am not a committee," and the character development was delightful to watch, in particular Han's gradual adoption of a heroic persona that continued into Return of the JediESB doesn't necessarily have the emotional connection that I have with Day 5's Episode IV, but as a storyteller myself, it stands out as a bastion of greatness.

Empire is what Attack of the Clones hoped to be, incorporating a romance and sending the trilogy into a much darker place than the first film could go but still managing to be lighthearted and fun. Not too many movies accomplish this very well, and to be frank, most fall flat on their faces, unable to keep the tone from delving into the blackness of human existence. Like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the persistent hope of the series is what brings people back to it; we can only handle so many gritty superhero movies (I'm looking at you, DC) and need someone to tell us that the good guys, the ones fighting for the betterment of all, will win in the end. And even as Luke and Leia, both defeated in their quests, stand staring out into open space, we have a sort of Scarlett O'Hara moment: things will get better, but we have to regroup. When we do, shit will get done.

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