Tuesday, May 12, 2015

31 Day Star Wars Challenge, Day 9: Favorite Member of the Empire and of the Separatists

Dammit, this one is harder because I have even fewer to choose from. Plus, I wanna get caught up after being bed-ridden for nearly a week, so naturally, I'm a tad bit more anxious to get this one over and done with.

For the Empire, I guess I'm going to have to choose ... okay, it's going to sound a little silly because it goes into my head canon and actually, to be completely honest, it references my own fanfic that I did as a young teenager. It's Moff Jerjerrod. If you have no idea who that is, I don't even blame you. Click on his name if you feel the urge, but I'll lay down what you need to know: he's the commanding Imperial officer who meets Vader when the Dark Lord himself comes to oversee progress on the construction of the second Death Star. You know, the one to whom Vader says, "Hey, I'm basically a barrel of kittens compared to the Emperor."
Via Star Wars Fanon*
The character isn't really all that noteworthy. He only appears in that one scene**, and honestly, if I didn't want to rewrite this part, I probably would have gone with Admiral Piett, either the most competent or luckiest Imperial admiral throughout the originals, but alas, I must instead embarrass myself as follows:

Now, I had Mary-Sued myself into a little Star Wars story of my own (I really wish I knew what I had done with that giant heap of fanfics I wrote, because there are so many that are hilarious), where I was a spy working for the Bothans. My character, Miri***, wasn't really aware of the motives behind the Bothan's interest in this new Death Star, but they were going to pay her handsomely for seducing the Moff, and it was actually her fault that Jerjerrod wasn't already in the hangar bay when Vader arrived. I will find that fanfic and rewrite it one of these days, because actually, it wasn't that bad, if I remember it correctly. But that's kind of why he was the first Imperial to jump into my head when I thought of this challenge.

And onto the Separatists! And ... yeah, I'm drawing a blank. Seriously, George. Your fucking prequels were so goddamn bland that I literally cannot even think of one Separatist character, unless we're talking about The Clone Wars? Okay, I'll go for cool-looking factor with this one: the Techno Union guy. There. I have completed the challenge. Are you happy, George??? You took so much fun out of this day's challenge. Grumble grumble.


* I chose this picture for a reason. It makes me giggle every time I look at it. He just has this perpetual goosed expression on his face the whole scene, like he knows he's fucked no matter what he does and dammit, I should have just been a grocer like Mum told me! Curse my Imperial ambition!
** There's actually a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi where Jerjerrod is Force-choked by Vader. 
*** No, I was not aware of Mara Jade at the time, just in case you were wondering. I didn't start reading the books until about a year after I wrote this story. 
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