Monday, May 25, 2015

Random Possibly Unpopular Opinions

  1. Racing games and first person shooters are vastly inferior to RPGs. 
  2. I don't like Nirvana and don't really understand the hype. It's not like I hate them - although Kurt Cobain's voice grates on my nerves - and I'll listen to one or two of their songs, but for the most part, I agree with Frances Bean on this one. Grunge is just not my scene.
  3. Diet Dr. Pepper is better than regular Dr. Pepper. 
  4. While I am a comic book nerd at heart, I am getting worn out on seeing a new superhero movie every fucking year. Almost enough to not care that Captain Marvel will be getting her own movie in three years. And I love me some Captain Marvel. 
  5. I adore Benedict Cumberbatch as an actor. Hell, I even liked him in Star Trek: Into Darkness. However, as a sex symbol? Uh-uh. He reminds me of Bruce, the big shark from Finding Nemo
  6. Garlic is the absolute worst spice ever, especially before you go to bed. I'm looking at you, HusFriend. 
  7. I prefer the simpering, immature characters in Jane Austen's books over her supposed heroines, who, to me, are mostly boring and pretentious (see: Fanny Price). 
  8. Eyeliner and Chapstik are the only two pieces of makeup anyone absolutely needs. Okay, maybe mascara, but that's pushing it. 
  9. Gin is the worst liquor on the planet. Ever. 
  10. Bourbon is the best liquor on the planet. My inner Polish heritage is crying right now. 
  11. Libertarianism is for selfish people. 
  12. I would actually miss the penny if we ever removed it from circulation. It keeps my piggy bank somewhat colorful.
  13. Kittens, while adorable, are much less preferable than an elderly cat who literally just wants to laze around and/or eat until it dies. 
  14. I hate winter. Like hate. Give me the blazing hot days of summer and you'll have a happy Juju. 
  15. I truly do not care if my veggies are organic. I do care if they are locally grown, though. Support your local farmers!
  16. Goodwill is just as bad as Wal-Mart or Target. There are much better thrift shops around that actually help people and don't give their CEO a personal jet. 
  17. N*SYNC is better than the Backstreet Boys. 
  18. Staying blond is way too much work. 
  19. Out of all the pantheons of all the religions in the world, the Hindu avatars make the most sense to me. 
  20. Out of all of the religions in the world, Buddhism speaks to me the most. 
  21. The Restoration Period (right after the Civil War) is probably one of the more interesting eras of United States history. 
  22. "Open floorplan" is one of the most awful phrases in the human language, especially in reference to any show featuring white people looking to buy a house. 
  23. I miss the soft rock and easy listening of the mid-1990s. Yes, even Bryan Adams. 
  24. Diversity is what I look for when I am trying to decide if I want to pick up a comic book. All straight white people? Thanks, I'll pass. 
  25. I'd rather camp in a tent than in a camper. 
  26. Paper and pen trumps tablet and nib. 
  27. Freesia is one of the worst smells that Bath and Body Works ever produced. See also: nearly any scent that Victoria's Secret ever produced. 
  28. I own an Xbox but would rather have a Playstation. 
  29. Indian cuisine is the tastiest in existence.  
  30. Vacuuming is the most soothing chore, but cleaning out a toilet is a close second. 

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