Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Pull List for June 10, 2015

You know, getting back into the swing of things has been a lot easier than I thought it was going to be! It doesn't hurt that last week was such a tiny collection of comics, but hey, I take things as I get them. Sadly, Secret Wars is still going on (sigh), so I probably won't be posting a lot of Marvel books until that's over, and honestly, it's kind of a relief that I won't be spending as much money for next couple of months. Thanks, Marvel!

Catwoman #41
Javier Pulido Variant
Via Newsarama
Catwoman #41 (DC) - First things first, this is how you do a cover celebrating the Joker. Plus, any time I can see Pulido's work means this girl is happy. Second, based on what happened in the last issue (as well as the Future's End one-shot from last year), I really am looking forward to seeing how Selina's life will change now that she's supposedly dead. The romance subplot between Selina and Eiko is probably what I'm most interested in, obviously, seeing as I love seeing bisexuality portrayed by my favorite characters, but there's going to be a lot on Selina's plate now. Oh, and Kevin Wada is going to be doing the main covers now, and OMG, that pleases me more than it probably should. But I DON'T CARE.
Detective Comics #41
Via Francis Manapul
Detective Comics #41 (DC) - YUS. This should actually be up in the To-Buy list, but I'm trying to keep my hopes from getting to high in the clouds. Like I said in my review for Convergence: The Question, I am really excited about Renee Montoya coming back into the Bat-fold. Detective Comics really isn't something that usually piques my interest - I find Batman to be a tad bit overplayed by DC, even if he is one of their most popular characters and has proven to be a money-maker - but add in some Renee? I'm there. I just realized that there are two books on my pull list for this week that have LGBT characters, and they are both by DC. I has a confused. It's a happy confused, but a confused nonetheless.
1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1
Via Marvel
1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1 (Marvel) - Dammit, I really don't want to read a series that has any sort of tie-in to Secret Wars (have I made myself abundantly clear on this issue?), but I adore Angela: Asgard's Assassin so deeply that I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of my dignity to pick this one up. Part of me wonders how the romantic relationship between Angela and Sera will play out, seeing as this is set, you know, a couple years in the past, or even if it will be remarked upon at all. And here's a third book with non-straight characters. I don't even know who I am anymore.
I know I wasn't going to add other subheads in this any longer, but I feel like trades and hard covers should have their own special spot here. So ... here it is. :)

Miami Vice: Remix #4 of 5 (IDW) - I wrote a review last month that I could barely get through the first issue without grimacing, and dammit, I stand by that post. It's still just as jarring as it was the first time I read it, and I would have tossed it out (or donated it to the library, I guess) except that Mahfood's artwork is so entertaining that I've actually considered just making a collage or something. 

* trade only
+ This Amazon listing shows the release date as June 23, 2015, but comic shops will be getting these a week early. So go to your locally owned comic shop and put money there!
++ Okay, I was going to read each issue as it came out (and do a follow-up review, which ... sorry?), but I just could not, so instead, I'm going to buy the first trade and see if it helps me get into it. Then again, I could always wait for it to come to the library, but based on the current selection my branch has, that may take a while. 
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