Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Pull List for June 24, 2015

Welcome to the final week of June! Sadly, this is also going to be the last Pull List. I've enjoyed doing this because, hey, comics are awesome, but there is so much going on in my life right now - trying to break into comics, writing a novel, Bitsy's kittens, working on the house, starting a business, doing challenges, etc. -  that this is just one extra thing that I can't continue to juggle. I may eventually bring it back in some capacity, but I'll probably just stick with doing reviews for the time being.

But anyway, on with this week!

This is oddly enough a really small week for me. Neither DC or Marvel are really doing anything for me, except reminding me that I haven't been able to read the most recent trade of Black Widow because it's still in storage, and the usual suspects - Image, Oni, and Valiant - are kinda leaving me high and dry this week. Oh, well. More money for me to spend on bills and noms, yes?
Mulan Revelations #1
Via Go Collect
Mulan Revelations # 1 of 4 (Dark Horse) - I can't tell if I'm going to love or hate this. Even before the Disney movie, Mulan, came out back in '98, I ferociously studied the legend of Hua Mulan, obsessed with the idea of a woman warrior, willing to sacrifice her life for her father. Now, how this relates to the legend? I have no idea. Do I like that there's a female protagonist, ostensibly also a woman of color? Sure. Will it be good? Let's see.

X-Men '92 #1
Via Marvel Comics
X-Men '92 #1 (Marvel) - Though I may be giving up my comics cred here, I have never really cared that much about the X-Men. It's not that I don't see the series' appeal or understand its social importance; it's just that I'd rather read other things. Now, Marvel marketed this correctly for me, seeing as I have a soft spot for the cartoon back from when I was a kid, and made me want to at least check it out, despite it being a Secret Wars tie-in. I love that Jubilee is prominently featured here, with all her Valley Girl, Clueless-style spunkiness, and I really do prefer Rogue's hair like that. I do kind of feel like I'm reaching here, but hey, there's not a lot I care about this week. :(

Black Widow #19
Via Marvel Comics
Black Widow #19 (Marvel) - Yep, this is literally the last thing I can even mention, and I'm not even going to be buying this one because I get this series in trade. I actually kind of feel bad that this is my last entry for the Pull List - it's so damn meager. Plus, like I said above, since I'm behind on Black Widow, I have nothing to write in regards to what I feel I can look forward to in the trade, so I'm left with just being sad that I don't see any Black Widow in September solicitations.

You guys, now I'm just sad. Last week's Pull List was so awesome, and I wanted this to go out with a bang. Instead, I get this weak whimper. You know what, I blame the stupid crossover events. Sigh.

Farewell, Pull List. I hope to see you gain.
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