Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Pull List for June 3, 2015

Well, hello again! If you've been following my blog the past month or so, you'll know why I took such a long break from doing The Pull List, but I'm back, fresh off my Star Wars challenge and fully caught up on my comic reading ... for the most part. And if you've been reading my reviews since April, you are aware of my avoidance of almost all things Secret Wars, and hoo boy, am I glad that Convergence is over and done with.

Now, today is also the beginning of an all-new, all-improved version of The Pull List because, hey, when you don't work at a comic shop any longer, you have to be very selective of what you buy. Plus, this was starting to turn into something it's not, not to mention a lot of work, considering all the side projects I have going on right now (about some of which I will be posting later on this month). So instead of giving little mini-reviews of everything I'm definitely going to buy, I am going to pick two or three that I'm looking forward to reading, even if it would have been included in my Slightly Interesting pile. I'll still list the others I am reading - as well as the comics I've dropped, but I'll include an explanation there  - obviously, since this entire idea was intended to keep track of my comic book interests.

So here we go! Welcome to My Pull List.

Honestly, there's not a lot coming out this week for me, which seems a little weird but at the same time is comforting. Easing back into this is that much simpler. Yay me?
Midnighter #1
Via Previews World
Midnighter #1 (DC) - This seems gloriously weird, starting with the cover. Now, I never read Grayson, and quite frankly, I'm super okay with that, considering the one issue I read that opened with a woman moaning, "DICK!" as she climaxed. Good times. However, given the treatment that DC has given to a lot of their LGBT characters, heroes and otherwise, I'm a little squicky. Between poor Kate Kane and Dagger Type, plus a host of others, the idea that a character could be a happily open gay person, without his or her lover perishing, is not really something they've managed to do well (although, to be fair, that just goes along with my general hatred of this notion that all superheroes are incapable of maintaining meaningful, successful romantic relationship because DRAMA IS WHY aka lazy ass writing). I mean, look at Alan Scott's boyfriend, Sam: killed off super fast and then revealed as a part of the Blue or the Green or something. I can't remember because I read that almost a year ago and was completely irritated. I'm very much hoping that DC handles the Midnighter better.
Star Wars #6
Via Marvel Comics
Star Wars #6 (Marvel) - I'm not sure how much longer this will stay on my pull list. While I like seeing the original crew again, I wish that we were able to see other characters featured. Panels actually published an article a few months ago that kind of resembles my opinion on the matter, but seeing as I really enjoy Jason Aaron's writing, I may stick with it to see where it goes. Or it may be sent to trade only. Who knows? We shall see.
Imperium #5
Via Previews World
Imperium #5 (Valiant Entertainment) - Ever since reading The Valiant, I can say that Valiant Entertainment has upped their game, at least in terms of catching my interest. Plus, they are pushing to make their universe as widely known as DC's and Marvel's by optioning off a lot of their comic series to be made into movies and (hopefully?) TV shows. Hell, I'd watch all of them, and I am only a recent fan of the brand! Anyway, this "Broken Angel" arc seems to be right up my alley, and you never know - this could be promoted all the way up to my To-Buy pile.

Jupiter's Circle #3 (Image)
Princess Leia #4 of 5 (Marvel)
Spider-Woman #8 (Marvel)
Swords of Sorrow #2 of 6 (Dynamite Entertainment)
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 (Marvel)
The Wicked + The Divine #11 (Image)*
The Woods #13 (Boom! Studios)

Now, nothing is in my Gone pile this week, but that is definitely going to change, and not just for money reasons. Stay tuned for next week!

* Anything marked with an asterisk is one that I purchase in trade only. That way I don't have to make a whole section dedicated to that. :)
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