Wednesday, August 19, 2015

31 Day Miami Vice Challenge, Day 19: Least Favorite Storyline

Back on Day 8, I don't know if I made it abundantly clear that Caitlin as a character isn't so bad (she's actually pretty kickass, if you examine her prior to her marrying Sonny); it's that what position she played in the series made her the worst addition to Miami Vice. Plus, her death initiated one of the worst ideas - since "Missing Hours" - to happen to the show and probably put that final nail in Vice's coffin: the Sonny Burnett arc.
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You'd think that I'd be placing that as my least favorite storyline, since it is one of the only actually multi-episode plots that occurs over the course of five seasons and because it truly is that awful, but nope, I'm going with the previously mentioned Caitlin and Sonny romance because it is ludicrous.

Their relationship would have never worked, and after several seasons of unsuccessful hook-ups and a failed attempt at rekindling his marriage to Caroline, Sonny should have been like, "Babe, you're hot and all, but seriously, you're going to end up dead or leaving the country, soooo ... let's bang for now and go about our ways." Actually, if the writers were going to be true to character, that's what he would have done. Tubbs has a brief moment of sanity after Crockett tells him about his and Caitlin's plans to wed, but he immediately goes out of character and is all smiles. Gina is initially cold but then is all, "It was MY idea to get you guys tickets for your honeymoon!"

And privacy. Hahahahahaha. That's Sonny and Caitlin's entire backup plan for keeping his undercover work safe. Because we all know how private the lives of pop stars are, even back in the 80s. All that explodes in their faces a few episodes later, when reporters discover that Crockett (as Burnett, because going by his undercover name was such a good fucking idea, guys) has deep ties to the underworld of Miami. Caitlin supposedly has this wholesome, good girl image, and then she married a drug dealer. ALLEGEDLY. I appreciate that this was brought up, but it never really has any consequences on Caitlin's career or Sonny's. Well, except she dies at the end, but that had to do with an asshole who accidentally shot his wife but blamed it on Sonny.

Yeah, I'll just leave it at that. Everything about that last sentence just frustrates me.


* ANGELA'S. HAIR. I love her outfit, but that weird Pebbles-esque topknot insanity gets me. EVERY. TIME. 
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