Wednesday, August 12, 2015

31 Day Miami Vice Challenge, Day 5 Supplemental: Sonny's Unfortunate Hair

I was not kidding about this. Sonny's hair went through a lot of changes in the five seasons of Miami Vice, and a lot of them were not so pretty. His mullet was probably the most egregious example of why the 80s never needed to happen, fashion-wise, but Season Five just descends into absolute madness. 


Now, you have to remember that for three seasons, Sonny looked more or less like this:
Via Miami Vice Wiki
Maybe a bit longer, maybe a bit shorter, but essentially all slight variations on this simple, easy style. He'd started to grow it out in the fourth season, at the same time Tubbs was experimenting with some facial hair, but it didn't fully come into its own until near the middle of the fifth season. I'm thinking Don Johnson maybe took some hints from Farrah Fawcett, maybe?
Via BuzzQuotes
Okay, I know the focus in this post is on Crockett's hair, but can we just deal with Izzy's shirt for a second?
Via BulletHose
The fluffiness abides, you guys. The fact that Sonny, living in Miami, could have perfectly fluffy hair without the frizz is one of the more amazing feats on Vice.
Via Urbane Mythology
Look, I live in the South - not as far as Miami, mind you - and I can guarantee you that there is no way his hair would look that perfect in the summer heat without some mad witchcraft.
Via Miami Vice Wiki
It looks like he has a damn mop on his head. I mean, accurate to the humidity and wind, but still. This is, like, the final scene of the series, and they couldn't have at least tried to make him look less ... unkempt? 
Via Getty Images UK
This ponytail only appears in, like, four episodes, when Sonny believes he is actually his undercover alter ego, Sonny Burnett. I actually don't mind it? What does that say about me?

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