Friday, November 13, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 11: Least Favorite Season

I promise I will get caught up this weekend. What with NaNo and work, it's been a little hard staying on top of this challenge, which actually makes me sad because Reboot is such an awesome series. Starting next year, I'm going to skip November challenges because, even without NaNo, the beginning of the holiday season always means crazy schedules, so ... this will be my last November challenge for the foreseeable future. Sigh.

Well, onto today's challenge!

Via Reboot Wiki
After such a stellar third season, I expected that the fourth would have quite a bit of trouble living up to it, and I was not wrong. I'm not sure what exactly happened between the two seasons - and quite frankly, I don't have the energy to do a Google search at the moment - but something definitely changed. I think it's always hard when you take such a narrowly focused show - I don't mean that in a negative way - and try to expand it into this epic sort of thing; a lot suffers in the wake.

First, character development was just sort of left by the wayside. None of the new villains, like Daemon herself and her second-in-command, Daecon, have the same attention paid to them, especially when you compare them to Hex and Megabyte. The concept of the baddies is way cooler than the actuality. To make matters worse, familiar faces are just kind of plot movers. Even after (spoiler alert!) Daemon is defeated, we're treated to this weird Bob/Megabyte/Dot wedding piece of crap at the very end that made me wish that Season Four just hadn't been aired, let alone made. It's trying to go back to the lighter tone - I think? - of the first couple of seasons, but with the mindfuck that poor Dot has to endure, it's not even worth it.

Second, ugh, plot. Like I said, the concept of Daemon and her plan to take over the entire Net, in an Emperor Palpatine-esque and yet Christianity-like manner, is actually pretty awesome, but its execution left a lot to be desired. I just didn't feel the tension, even as my favorite characters got possessed by the virus. I mean, okay; Buffy was always going to save the day. That's how that works, even if that meant that she had to give her life in order to do so. But I cared about how the characters got to that point. The show was (mostly) well-written and intricately tied together, so that the progression to the finale was always exciting (yes, even Season Six and Seven). I did not have the same reaction to Reboot. I just didn't give a shit. And then with the whole Megabyte-posing-as-Bob thing happened, and I'm going to choose to forget that happened. To quote CinemaSins, "Skip!"

I don't know; I'm kind of torn here. Even though I really dislike the fourth season, I'll still watch it, for nostalgia more than anything else. Plus, I get to see the whole gang together again, after watching a whole season where they were apart. I just wish it didn't get delivered to me as a turd salad.

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