Saturday, November 14, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 13: Favorite Season Two Episode

I'm not usually a big fan of cliffhangers; I kind of see them as cheap ploys to convince the viewers to stay tuned until the next season. I mean, it's a solid form of marketing, I guess, but my thoughts are that, you know what, the writing should be strong enough that you're excited to see what adventures the characters will get into the next season so you don't have to do this sort of thing. I blame J.R.

Via Reboot Wiki
Anyway, despite this, probably the single best episode from Season Two is the finale, "Web World Wars," and it is most definitely a cliffhanger. You've got the viruses Hex and Megabyte pretending to work with Bob, Dot, and Phong as they all fight the web creatures (which, if you remember, Mike the TV accidentally unleashed) and frantically try to close the portal to the Net. Enzo officially becomes a Guardian cadet, and Dot's really starting to show her capabilities as the leader she eventually becomes. And then comes the punch in the gut: Bob is ejected into the Net, presumably to his death, which leaves little Enzo (and Glitch, Bob's broken keytool that he left behind) as the Guardian and protector of Mainframe, and the viruses are like, "Yeah, so Mainframe is ours now."

I mean, how can you not like how that leaves things??

On its original run, this was the last episode aired on ABC, and the show went to Canada because the United States just shits on all good things. Granted, I blame Disney because, after they merged with ABC, they were the ones who pulled the plug on Reboot, but to be honest, doing that gave the show a chance to mature and go beyond the stupid restrictions ABC put on kids' shows (Dot's infamous uniboob, for instance). And that brought us Season Three, so, I guess I can't complain that much.

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