Sunday, November 22, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 17: Favorite Computer Science Reference

Dammit dammit dammit dammit. I'm sorry I got behind again. The good news is I've pretty much decided that NaNo is a lost cause right now (I'm at like, 15,000 words right now, and there are only eight days left to get to 50,000, so ... hahahaha, yeah the fuck right), so I'll have plenty of time to get caught up here!

So without further ado, Day 17!

Computer science references are literally everywhere in Reboot. Like, seriously, just look around at each scene, and something will be a CS reference: pop up windows as communication, the names of businesses, the random Linux penguin that shows up, etc. But my absolute favorite has to be at the end of the third season (natch), where everyone is cured from Megabyte's infection, and one of the binomes, Lt. Chauncy, exclaims, "Oh, Great Norton's Ghost!!"

First of all, it reminds me of Anchorman's outtakes, where Will Ferrell was saying shit like, "By the beard of Zeus!" And second, it was really clever, and as a younger version of me, I cackled because, even back then, I hated all Norton software.

So that's it for today ... I wish I had more to write, but I'm kind of burned out right now. Cleaning the house takes a lot out of you, doncha know?

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