Sunday, November 22, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 19: Favorite Pairing (Non-Canon)

Ugh, I don't know why I do the non-canon relationship challenge questions. I'm not really that big of a shipper between existing characters for lots of reasons. There are only a few shows where I disagree with romantic pairings (I'm looking at you, Lee and Kara; you should have never been anything other than kind-of-siblings), and I'm always impressed when characters who are friends remain friends throughout the series without there ever being an inkling that they might bump uglies.

Via Overthought
But since I agreed to do this, I guess I have to, and I've already refused to do another challenge earlier, so ... fine. If I could pair any of the characters from Reboot together who weren't already, I'd probably pick Bob and the sprite version of Hex. I mean, the whole Dot and Bob relationship was okay, but I preferred it when they were simply friends as opposed to lovers. Until Bob was ejected from Mainframe and into the Net, it never seemed like he and Dot were romantically entangled, anyway. I get it; you don't realize you love someone until they're gone, and yes, Reboot is technically a kids' show, but still.
Via Reboot Wiki
He and Hex being involved seems a lot more feasible. In her virus form, she's much too volatile and oddly innocent to be able to effectively contribute to a romance, but as a sprite, she and Bob actually make sense. She's been very obvious and forward with her love for him, even if it was perverted by her childlike villainy, while Dot always seemed noncommittal and/or focused on her career, which is a valid life choice!

Again, though, I don't have a lot put into this made-up relationship because, really, it works best with her as the whimsical, crazy virus lady who sacrifices herself without ever having Bob return her love, or even expecting that would ever happen. I don't know; I just like it better that way.

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