Monday, November 2, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 2: Favorite Main Character

It should be no secret that I love television shows that feature tough, capable female characters. It's even better when someone's gender is rarely commented upon as being a reason as to why they're extraordinary. As a culture, I feel like we should already be there, but I'm an idealist, I suppose.

Anyway, Reboot doesn't disappoint with its cast of female characters. Mouse, while essentially a bounty hunter, is good-hearted and resourceful; Hexadecimal is insane but wily, even tricking Bob into stepping into her web; and AndrAIa is more than a supportive partner to the adult Enzo, sometimes even more successful at winning games than he is (which would make sense, since she was born in a game). But Dot Matrix? Yeah, she's pretty much the best.
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This is the image of a very successful businessperson, tactical savant, and all-around genius. In her hometown of Mainframe, there's not one business that she's not tied to, and despite all the directions in which she's pulled, Dot manages to accomplish everything she sets out to do. She always has a plan and, even when they don't play out exactly as she wanted, she has enough ingenuity (with some help from Bob's influence) to quickly adapt. Later on in the series, she takes over military operations and becomes the - although Phong still maintains his own leadership - and expertly thwarts multiple attacks on Mainframe.

The fact is, Dot is quite possibly the strongest character in the whole series. She goes through bouts of self-doubt, sure, but she always manages to come through, even more inspiring than before. She also knows the value of friendship and family, sticking by and believing in them, even when they don't believe in themselves. Dot is raising her brother, Enzo, and puts a huge emphasis on his education and well-being (refusing to let him go into the games in earlier seasons). When AndrAIa becomes part of the gang, Dot immediately sees that she is included, knowing that having a sprite Enzo's own age would be great for the both of them. And while she and Bob eventually do end up together* - which, meh, whatever - the emphasis of their relationship is placed more upon them being friends than anything else.
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Dot can be bossy and sometimes rigid, especially in earlier episodes, but it's rarely out of pride or stupidity. She just happens to be a very wise sprite, that's all. And no one shames her for her weaknesses. More often than not, she is integral to the plot and pretty much saves the day, even if it is just for herself, like when she gets sapped of all of her energy and, because of her connections, is able to get the cure - all the while, Bob is scrambling around and getting frustrated.

Basically, Dot is Queen Bitch, and there is no one in all of the Net who could convince me otherwise.


* Back when Reboot first aired, there were a ton of restrictions on the show, specifically involving Dot. She had a monoboob because boobs apparently mean sex to kids, and her relationship with Bob had to be platonic, because again something about kids. There were also rules about depictions of violence, which was actually commented upon in one of Season One's episodes. In "The Quick and the Fed," Bob says a command to Glitch - "BSnP!" which prevents him from crashing through a window (it just rearranges the window as he goes through it); "BSnP" stands for ABC's Broadcast Standards and Practices, and one of their "standards" was to not have dangerous "imitatable acts" in children's programming. Reboot was kind of like Arrested Development in this way.  
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