Monday, November 23, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 22: Favorite Game

Again, I'm returning to Season Three for my favorite something of Reboot, and this time, the favorite thing is "Game," and the game is "Cron the Destroyer" from the episode, "Icons." This episode is also one of my top ten, for various reasons, although a big part of it are the references to Xena: Warrior Princess (which I'm going to be doing a challenge on in May!)

Exhibit A:
AndrAIa as Xena
Via The House that Rebecca Built
And Exhibit B:
Gabby as Gabrielle and I'm pretty sure that Jeff on the far right is supposed to be Joxer maybe.
Via Inwap

All in all, it's just seems like a fun game, one that I would actually want to play. Too often in Reboot, the game cubes that terrorize the systems just don't do it for me. Like, if I were going to risk my existence, I would not want to play that crazy raccoon game or any of the racing games that are featured. I love RPGs, and this looks right up my alley. It kind of has a WoW feel to it, maybe with a hint of Neverwinter Nights, and damn, now I wish I still had my gaming PC because the latter mentioned game is still up there as one of my favorites ever.

Ahem, anyway, I also adore Backup's reply to, "I want the tooth!"
Via Reboot Revival
"You can't handle the tooth!" Also, I get weird sexual feelings about Bravehearted-out Matrix in the background. Mind you, neither of these are part of the actual game; I just feel they are worth mentioning.

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