Friday, November 27, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 24: Favorite Non-Mainframe Location

Yet another challenge that nearly ended in a tie! "The Episode with No Name" was already featured in this challenge, so I wanted to pick another episode of which I am quite fond: "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before."

Via Reboot Revival
First of all, I love the combination of Star Trek and comic book teams - think Avengers and the X-Men - that is used heavily in the episode because I am definitely A Dork. Second, the graphics had improved so much since the first season that the scenery was just gloriously beautiful. The above image just doesn't do it justice, because ... well, it's a pretty plain picture in terms of surroundings (and AndrAIa's tits and ass pose is really annoying).
Via Inwap
I mean, look at that detail! Sure, it looks simple, considering the advancements in CGI since the mid-90s, but damn. This is hella-impressive. And I hate myself for using that term, but it just popped out.
Via Reboot Wiki
And the colors are just so soothing. I don't know what it is about pastels that just make me calm down, but I just love this. Oh, and if you look on the far left side, you can actual kinda see a Spectral, the creatures that inhabit this particular system.
Via Freakin' Awesome Network
That actually brings me to one of my favorite aspects of this episode: the Spectrals. They are just such an intriguing concept: they are entities living in the system, but they can't reboot like sprites and binomes do; this, of course, causes issues when the User of this particular system play games because the Spectrals can't combat them. So the Spectrals turned some of themselves into sprites and began this weird civil war thing because the sprites want the same kind of control and autonomy that the Spectrals have.

This episode as a whole is just so well-written and executed that it makes me even sadder about Season Four. I'm sure you could put a lot of the success of this episode on its source material - Star Trek, in particular - but combine it with Matrix's belief that Robert Cursor, the dude above, might actually be Bob affected by the Net and you've got such a well-rounded story that the references just add to its majesty. Basically, you should watch it:

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