Saturday, November 28, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 28: Best Fan Art

Seeing as how I didn't do a music segment for this challenge, I'm going to put more effort into showing you guys some awesome fan art. Dammit, every time I do something like this, it inspires me to do more fan art myself. One of these days, I'm going to follow through on that threat. 

Anyway, enjoy!!

Via Empress Helenia
Words cannot express how much I adore that image. It doesn't hurt that Hexadecimal is my favorite villain, but look how exquisite that is!
Via Ted Kim
I like how this is so stylized, even if Andraia looks like she might break in half from how small her waist is.
Via Rolling Rabbit
This reminds me a lot of the symbol for Pisces, which may be intentional on the artist's part, and I love Dot's irritated expression. 
Via Empress Helenia
You really do need to click on the link and see this full-res. Can you tell how much I appreciate this artist? Art Nouveau is one of my favorite styles, and Empress Helenia pulls this off beautifully. 
Via Reboot Fan Art
First off, I like that this was inspired by Star Wars, but secondly, I feel like this captures the spirit of Reboot, which regularly featured geek in-jokes and easter eggs. This would make Mainframe proud to see. 
Via Saturday Mourning Cartoons
This is another one you really need to see bigger to appreciate. I don't necessarily agree with the stylistic choices, but the art is gorgeous. 
Via Cyber-Tronics
Everything about this is just perfectly, absolutely Hex. 
Via Empress Helenia
And Empress Helenia strikes again. 
Via Booter Freak
Similar to the Star Wars-inspired pic above, this is on point as something that Reboot would have done themselves. 

Alright, that's it! Only two more days to go, and then it's December. Dear God, I don't want to think about Christmas shopping right now. 
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