Wednesday, November 4, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 4: Favorite Villain

Via Reboot Wiki
So I'm not even going to do an intro on this because it isn't worth it: Hexadecimal is the best villain, hands down, in all of Reboot. With all his nefarious schemes, Megabyte just can't hold a candle to her, and even Daemon, the Super Virus that took over the Supercomputer and used the Net to spread her domain, is lackluster compared to Hex. She's even arguably more powerful than both of them, what with her ability to create portals herself and control all of the nulls that exist within Mainframe. Plus, she can fucking fly.

She's also 100% off her rocker, revelling off of the chaos that she brings. Her masks are such an awesome touch by the creators, echoing her mood that sometimes changes within an instant. I love that, most of the time, she is "defeated" by Bob appealing to her nature, like when she lashed out at Mainframe with the Medusa Bug and he was all, "But look! Nothing is ever gonna change!" This, of course, began her ever-growing obsession with the Guardian, but hey, Bob was kinda hot, in a mid-90s computer-animation kind of way.

But I think the biggest part of the character that I adore is that she has a very complex character arc. Initially, she's just a Big Bad, wreaking havoc and occasionally helping Mainframe and/or Megabyte, depending on her mood at the time. I mean, that doesn't necessarily change - she is Chaos Incarnate, after all - but her motives do: her relationships with Bob, Dot, Enzo, etc. cause her to rethink why she does things, and once she is stripped of her virus status after entering a game and defeating the User, she fully joins the group, although she is not totally accepted by them (Dot doesn't really appreciate Hex's continuous pursuit of Bob). In order to stop Daemon, she again turns viral and sacrifices herself by releasing the cure into the Net, suffering complete defragmentation but saving her newfound friends.

She's actually a lot like Spike, to be honest: unhealthy love for Bob, constantly trying to fuck with Bob's life, general disdain for all creatures (even Scuzzy, her little floating cat head), goes out in a blaze of glory, etc. And she's self-destructive like Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. And she has little to no social graces and doesn't understand why people get upset at them like Grunt from Mass Effect. I'm beginning to think that I have a pattern with my favorite characters, here.

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