Thursday, November 5, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 5: Least Favorite Villain

I actually had to think about this one, because the villains in Reboot are all pretty awesome, even Megabyte, whose schemes are always foiled by Bob, and yes, even Daemon, who was kind of a lackluster baddie, considering how powerful she was. One-shot villains, like the infected Guardians from Season Three, were also pretty badass, as shown by the yellow-skinned woman who fought AndrAIa, High Noon style, and most were really well-developed, with a clear arc for their journeys. Pretty impressive for a thirty-minute, computer-animated TV show from the early to mid-90s, if you ask me.

But then we have The User, a malevolent god in the sky of Mainframe who continues to download and lose games, placing the lives of the little people inside his or her computer. And if The User happens to win a game, whatever sector in which the gamecube landed, well, guess what: it's destroyed, and all its inhabitants are turned into little sluggy nulls.

I guess my main beef with The User is that the concept isn't really explored as deeply as the viruses and the other bad guys throughout the series. Sure, the writers touched upon it a few times in the show's run, but it always had this sort of religious bent to it, like they were ambivalent, clueless pleasure seekers and destructive creators. Which, fine, but that just seems way too easy a way to discuss a series' mythos. I know it's a kids' show, but if Avatar and The Legend of Korra can establish a mythology that ties in with the universe well, I know that Mainframe Entertainment can do the same.

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