Friday, November 6, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 6: Favorite Secondary Character

Like I said back on Day 2, Reboot does a kickass job of providing me with plenty of awesome female characters that it's difficult to narrow them down to just one, so, my friends, we have a tie.

First up? Mouse.
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A mercenary hacker (hired by Megabyte) turned good guy, Mouse has a thick Southern accent and uses katana in battle. She's wily and assertive, loyal and feral (she has fangs that she bares when she gets mad), and dammit, she knows what she wants. She's also the only person prior to Bob that had ever escaped custody aboard the Saucy Mare. Her relationship with Ray Tracer is also awesome, mainly because it's based on mutual trust, but also because it's pretty clear that she is the pursuer.

After Dot, Mouse is the single most efficient sprite in Mainframe. With her experience in the Net paired with her own survivalist tendencies, she can get in and out of any situation she wants, and no one is going to cross her or question her abilities. There's a certain command to her presence, even if she is quick to dismiss it (responsibilities are a bitch, you guys).

And second is AndrAIa.
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AndrAIa was brought in during Season Two, after the manipulates her game sprite icon to create a copy of herself to stay in Mainframe with Enzo. Even though she is as young as Enzo is, if not younger, she's probably one of the most experienced of the group, often entering games without having to seek approval from Dot like Enzo does initially. And after she and Enzo, who changes his name to Matrix, are ejected from Mainframe, she manages to be the calmer half of the pair, often able to communicate with citizens of other systems while Matrix just grumbles and whines.

Normally, I'd have major issues with how sexualized AndrAIa happens to be, but her appearance rarely if ever affects anything* that happens in an episode. She proves time and time again that her skills are not to be underestimated, and Matrix, the good boyfriend that he is, knows that she can do better than take care of herself.

And there you have it: the two contenders for my favorite secondary character. And just as a reminder, if I'm not as detailed or in depth as I have been on my other challenges, it's because I'm also doing NaNoWriMo** this year! Writing 1667 words per day doesn't really seem like a difficult thing, but I'm telling you, IT IS.


* When Ray Tracer is first introduced, he is very attracted to AndrAIa, which causes a rift between her and Matrix, an all-to-common plot trope, but I'll forgive that one. 
** Feel free to click and add me as a buddy if you're participating in NaNo this year. :) The more the merrier!
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