Thursday, December 10, 2015

30 Day Reboot Challenge, Day 29: How Reboot Inspires Me

Good gracious, the easier thing to do would be to write about how Reboot doesn't inspire me, because damn if my list isn't long: the world creation, the gradual character development, the storylines (except the fourth season in general, naturally), the visuals, the diversity of the female cast, etc. Even with its issues, which I've gone over this month, Reboot is still miles above a lot of TV that came after it.

I really do wish that children's programming took a bit of inspiration from Reboot. It was obviously made for children, especially evident in the first two seasons, but it didn't necessarily dumb things down for them (unless they were forced to by censors, but whatever) or put a moral-of-the-story at the end of each episode. Like John Hughes movies from the 80s, where the main characters were all teenagers dealing with teenager angst and confusion and what-have-you, the audience wasn't looked down upon and expected to be too stupid or inexperienced to understand what was going on. I mean, just take a look at My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as another example. Both MLP and Reboot have a large following of adult viewers, and both the adult and child audiences appreciate the messages and the fun of each show, even if they're on different levels. While I don't think I'll ever create something meant for kids - I'm not saying ever, but it's highly unlikely, since I like to use the word "fuck" a lot and apparently, people aren't too keen on introducing their kids to swearing early on - it is definitely encouraging to see that writers can still talk about Issues without completely dumbing it down or treating children like they are incapable of getting more complex messages than what they get out of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

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