Tuesday, January 26, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge

Cowboy Bebop
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Well, kids, it's time for another! Like last February, this challenge is a little shorter because of the number of days in the month, and I figured I'd go with another anime. Cowboy Bebop is, like most anime, a single season, but it does not disappoint in terms of great animation, plot, action, and character development. For a lot of people, it was the gateway into the medium of Japanese animation, myself included. Behold what is in store!

Day 1: How I Was Introduced to Cowboy Bebop
Day 2: Best Episode
Day 3: Worst Episode
Day 4: Favorite Episode
Day 5: Least Favorite Episode
Day 6: Favorite Main Character
Day 7: Least Favorite Main Character
Day 8: Favorite Villain
Day 9: Least Favorite Villain
Day 10: Favorite Secondary or One-Shot Character
Day 11: Least Favorite Secondary or One-Shot Character
Day 12: Favorite Pop Culture Reference
Day 13: Favorite Backstory of a Main Character
Day 14: Favorite Bounty Hunt
Day 15: Favorite Fight Scene
Day 16: Favorite Location
Day 17: Favorite Song Off the Soundtracks
Day 18: Favorite Ein Moment
Day 19: Dubbed or Subbed?
Day 20: Something That Happened I Wish Didn't
Day 21: Something That Didn't Happen I Wish Did
Day 22: Storyline I Wish Went Longer
Day 23: Character That Deserved More Screen Time
Day 24: Favorite Fan Art
Day 25: Favorite Main Character Portraits
Day 26: My Interpretation of the Ending (SPOILER ALERT!)
Day 27: What I Would Like to See Next
Day 28: What Did I Think of the Movie?
Day 29: How Cowboy Bebop Inspires Me
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