Thursday, February 25, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 25: Favorite Cosplay

I was going to have this be a part of the fan art challenge day, but there is so much awesome cosplay of Cowboy Bebop that I felt it was only right to give it its own day. I mean, is this not amazing??
Via Craig Lotter

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 24: Favorite Fan Art

Oooooh, fan art! When it's good, it's GOOOOOOD. And I won't be showing any bad, so feast your eyes on these, my lovelies!

Monday, February 22, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 22: Storyline I Wish Went Longer

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Cowboy Bebop is damned near perfection when it comes to plot. Not only are episodes dedicated solely to character development, but everything is tied together in the end, even if it is bittersweet. So I can't really say that there is any storyline I wish was extended, which kind of seems like a cop out, but I'm okay with that.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 21: Something That Didn't Happen I Wish Did

To be honest, there's not a lot about Cowboy Bebop that I would change, as evidenced by yesterday's post, so today is going to be short and sweet: I wish we could have seen how Jet handled the finale. His entire life was wrapped up in the crew - especially Spike - and now, all he has left is Faye. I understand that Bebop is ultimately Spike's story, but they spent so much time building up the rest of the main cast that I feel a bit cheated without knowing what Jet's reaction to the events was. Oh, well. I can write fanfic, I guess.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 20: Something That Happened I Wish Didn't

Cowboy Bebop is one of those shows that I feel is nearly flawless in its execution. Sure, it has its problems - "Gateway Shuffle," for example - but every detail was so exhaustively planned that to change anything would make that puzzle just sort of fall apart.

Friday, February 19, 2016

29 Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 19: Dubbed or Subbed?

When it comes to foreign cinema, in most cases, I would rather read the subtitles than hear completely retooled dialogue that is devoid of the cultural context of the original language. Watching martial arts movies from the 70s and 80s, it's painful to see English voice actors try their damnedest to fit English words to the lips of the on-screen actors, and it's actually a little worse with anime. The first Akira dub was awful, mispronouncing names and acting like they were in a kids' movie*, and Bubblegum Crisis' voice actors sounded both over-the-top and monotone (sometimes simultaneously, which I didn't think was possible) that I nearly refused to watch the rest of the series after the first few minutes of the first episode. Then there's the whole Sailor Moon thing, which I will be discussing in a future challenge.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 18: Favorite Ein Moment

Okay, so ... "Mushroom Samba" is one of my guilty pleasure episodes. It's so silly, even more so than "Toys in the Attic." But it features both Ed and Ein as the focal characters, and that makes it A+ in my book. Plus, it features my absolute favorite Ein moment of the entire series:
Via Nerdist
Basically, Ein eats shrooms and he gets high. It's not a huge moment, but it cracks me up every single time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 17: Favorite Songs Off the Soundtracks

Yoko Kanno is a musical genius. Seriously. This woman has done so much musically (including one of my favorite ever soundtracks, Macross Plus) that it's a shame she hasn't gotten more popular in the U.S. This was originally supposed to be a single song, but as I've proven before when it comes to music, I just couldn't do it. Instead, you get eleven tracks. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 16: Favorite Location

Yay, a short answer one! The universe we see in Cowboy Bebop has some amazing scenery, from the Martian landscape to the endlessness of open space, but my favorite location we see in the series is Venus, especially because of the last scene in "Waltz for Venus." It's just so pretty, and you know what, I'd brave the possibility of getting Venus Sickness just to see this:
Via Gary's "Cowboy Bebop" Page
Floating cities! It's like Bespin but cooler! Now, I can't find a picture to show you - I'm side-eyeing the internet really hard right now - but one of my favorite images from the episode is when the spores are floating in the sky, and OMG, it's so beautiful. It just gives you an excuse to watch the episode, I guess!

Monday, February 15, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 15: Favorite Fight Scene

Before I start, I just want to send a shout out to three lovelies who are one year older today: my father, my friend Karolina, and Zola! It is truly a great day in human history.

Anyway, onto today's challenge. Believe me when I say that, oh my God, are there so many fights to choose from, but that doesn't mean that it took me forever to narrow it down. You might think I'd pick the final showdown between Vicious and Spike, and while I do agree that it's epic, I just can't place it above my actual favorite.

Friday, February 12, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 12: Favorite Pop Culture Reference

Pop culture references aren't necessarily as noticeable in Cowboy Bebop or other anime series as they are in American media because, well, obvs, it's a completely different culture. However, there were a lot of Western references that made their way into episodes of Bebop: Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Hakim) vs. Bruce Lee (Spike) in "Stray Dog Strut" or the Penguin (from Batman) - esque Pierrot from "Pierrot Le Fou," for example.
Via Overthinking It
But my absolute favorite? The entire episode of "Toys in the Attic," which is essentially one giant homage to Alien. It has a very silly ending, and isn't even really in the top ten episodes of the series, but it's a lot of fun to watch just to see Spike run around all Ripley-like, trying to kill the lunch he forgot about for a year. Um, spoiler alert there, by the way. Shit, the show is almost 20 years old; I don't feel bad at all.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 11: Least Favorite Secondary or One-Shot Character

Remember back on Day 5, and I was like, "God, I hate 'Gateway Shuffle?'" Or I was at least pretty clear that it's an episode that I can do without. Well, then you already know who is the star of today's challenge!
Via Wikipedia
There's not a lot to say about the above Twinkle Maria Murdock, the leader of an eco-terrorist group who is the cause of her own demise - the virus she intended to release on Ganymede instead infected her and the rest of her minions - and is generally just kind of annoying.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 10: Favorite Secondary or One-Shot Character

I know that I said my favorite episode was "Stray Dog Strut," but "Heavy Metal Queen" is a close second. It has one of my absolute favorite opening sequences, and I really like Spike in the episode. One of the funniest scenes in the entire series is when Spike joins a bar brawl because another bounty hunter bumps into him and makes him drop an egg in his lap (it doesn't sound like it would be that humorous, but OMG, it is - I've been that hungover before).

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 9: Least Favorite Villain

Honestly, Twinkle Marie could fit into this day's challenge because she was just so blah, but since I already used her, I'm going to be a tad bit controversial. Why? Because I'm tired and feeling a bit contrary.

Monday, February 8, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 8: Favorite Villain

Now, I'm fairly certain that everyone has an expectation that the main villain of the series - Vicious - is going to a top pick for today's challenge, but I'm here to say, "Nay, thou art mistaken." Don't worry; I'll get to that guy later on in the month, but for today, I'm going to surprise you a little bit. Maybe.

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 7: Least Favorite Main Character

Picking my least favorite character on shows with large main casts - like Battlestar Galactica (damn, I link back to that post a lot), for example - is a fairly easy task, but on shows like Bebop, it's a bit more difficult. Not only are there only five main characters, but I care about them almost equally. I suppose the easiest way to do this is to narrow it down to two and then pick which one just doesn't do as much for me.
  1. Faye Valentine
  2. Jet Black

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 6: Favorite Main Character

Yeah, so I already revealed that my favorite character is Ed back on Day 3, but now I actually get to talk about her! Huzzah!
Via FanPop

Sunday, February 7, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 5: Least Favorite Episode

You know when you really can't stand something but you don't really know why? Like, okay, so "Gateway Shuffle" is my absolute least favorite episode of Cowboy Bebop, and for years, I could not figure out exactly why I loathed it so. Was it the goofy premise - eco-terrorists turning humans into monkeys - or the over-the-top voice acting (which is weird because the voice actors are usually top notch) or ... something? Character designs?

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 4: Favorite Episode

I know I said yesterday that my favorite character on Bebop is Ed, but a close second would have to be Ein, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi mascot/smartest being aboard the ship. Granted, I love corgis (who doesn't???*). Unlike Ed, though, Ein's introduction to the crew makes a lot more sense, and that's my segue into today's challenge! Not only does "Stray Dog Strut" bring Ein into the series, it is also one of those episodes that I will watch as often as possible.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 3: Worst Episode

Normally, I really do love doing the "worst episode" days because there's always That Episode that just makes me cringe and want to throw my controller at my TV (I'm looking at you, "Black Market"), but with Cowboy Bebop, there are only episodes that I'm more "meh" about. They're not actually bad, I guess, but they just don't meet my expectations. And with Bebop, my expectations are exceptionally high.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 2: Best Episode

I know I'm a day behind, but with work, sleep, and trying to get my house looking like it's not a part of a shantytown, things have been a little on the crazy side. Excuses aside, here's Day 2:

It's always a little tough to narrow a series down to the best episode, especially one as consistently amazing as Cowboy Bebop, and I've been going back and forth for a bit now as to which one I think is the king of the mountain. I was able to narrow it down to what I believe is one of the best character-building episodes of all time: "Speak Like a Child."

Monday, February 1, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 1: How I Was Introduced to Cowboy Bebop

Via Online Anime Store
I have to thank Toonami for so many things: The Big O, Tenchi Muyo, Reboot, Sailor Moon (coming soon to a challenge near you!), Space Dandy (I am not ashamed of this in the least), Gundam Wing, and of course, Cowboy Bebop.

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