Monday, February 15, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 15: Favorite Fight Scene

Before I start, I just want to send a shout out to three lovelies who are one year older today: my father, my friend Karolina, and Zola! It is truly a great day in human history.

Anyway, onto today's challenge. Believe me when I say that, oh my God, are there so many fights to choose from, but that doesn't mean that it took me forever to narrow it down. You might think I'd pick the final showdown between Vicious and Spike, and while I do agree that it's epic, I just can't place it above my actual favorite.

Now, I could try to describe what happens, but I'm just going to post this video here so you can experience the awesome.

For me, the reason this fight sticks out is because of the subtext. We know very little about what actually happened between them, but it's very clear there is some serious bad blood. Even though "Ballad of Fallen Angels" is only the fifth episode, we've seen enough of Spike's martial arts skills to know that he's fighting with passion this time, and you can only assume that his struggle with Vicious has only just begun ... or that it is at least in the second act.

A big reason why The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite Star Wars movie is because it's that second, middle movie: we know there's more to come but we are enjoying the character development and relationship building. And that's what "Ballad of Fallen Angels" is doing - setting up the rest of the series, and damn, this scene does a great job of that.

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