Wednesday, February 3, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 3: Worst Episode

Normally, I really do love doing the "worst episode" days because there's always That Episode that just makes me cringe and want to throw my controller at my TV (I'm looking at you, "Black Market"), but with Cowboy Bebop, there are only episodes that I'm more "meh" about. They're not actually bad, I guess, but they just don't meet my expectations. And with Bebop, my expectations are exceptionally high.

Via AV Club
Now I'm going to give Day 6 away here, but I don't care: Ed is my absolute favorite character on this show, for multiple reasons (about which I'll discuss then). That being said, it makes the fact that her introductory episode is probably the worst one produced in the show's 26-session run. The plot is muddled and quite frankly boring, even if the ending includes Faye and Spike avoiding laser blasts from AI-controlled satellites, and I can't really even see why they were even going after the bounty in the first place. Or shit, why was there even a bounty on a hacker? All that happened was that a satellite drew pictures on uninhabited ground? Even Spike was dismissive of the whole idea until the above-mentioned laser-equipped satellites came into the picture. Unlike yesterday's "Speak Like a Child," where nothing happening was actually the best thing to happen to the episode, in "Jamming with Edward," inexplicable things occur and Ed comes aboard the ship as the newest crew member because reasons. Well, Faye did promise her a place on the Bebop, and I did actually enjoy the end sequence where Ed takes over the ship with her remote control, but that aside, not much about this episode makes me want to watch it again. As CinemaSins says, "Skip!"

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