Sunday, February 7, 2016

29 Day Cowboy Bebop Challenge, Day 4: Favorite Episode

I know I said yesterday that my favorite character on Bebop is Ed, but a close second would have to be Ein, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi mascot/smartest being aboard the ship. Granted, I love corgis (who doesn't???*). Unlike Ed, though, Ein's introduction to the crew makes a lot more sense, and that's my segue into today's challenge! Not only does "Stray Dog Strut" bring Ein into the series, it is also one of those episodes that I will watch as often as possible.

Via Veoh
First of all, I'm a big Bruce Lee fan, so when Spike, an adherent to Lee's Jeet Kune Do, and the bounty Hakim, an obvious allusion to Kareem Abdul Jabbar, fight each other at the climax of the episode, I get all giggly, even today.
Via The Grio
I can't find an image of Hakim and Spike fighting, but the above is essentially a live version, only they're wearing more clothes in the anime.

Second, aside from the pop culture reference, this is just a really fun episode: plenty of action, funny dialogue, etc. Three actually laughed out loud several times, which is not normal for him (the only other shows that do this are Arrested Development and Parks & Rec), and no matter how many times I watch "Stray Dog Strut," I chuckle at the same spots, especially the scene where Ein is sitting on top of Spike's head.

Now, it does run a little slow, and we're not really told much about Ein or the lab that created him (which isn't necessary and a big part of what I enjoy about a lot of anime - they expect the audience to be able to pick up on subtle details and figure shit out themselves). And despite Hakim's reputation, he doesn't offer much of a challenge to Spike, which was a bit disappointing. But all in all, I love this episode more than any other, and if you haven't watched it, YOU SHOULD. Right now. Just go find it on the internet or something.


Courtesy of My Mother
This is their corgi, Maggie, who is awesome.

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