Tuesday, May 3, 2016

31 Day Xena: Warrior Princess Challenge, Day 3: Least Favorite Season

Now, this? This one's a little harder than yesterday's challenge. Why? Because, for all its flubs and silliness and awful CGI, Xena was an amazing series with mostly well-done episodes and a real heart at the center. But I gotta pick one, I suppose.

Also, spoilers ahead, if that matters to you, although this aired nearly twenty years ago, so ...

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Season Five was ... rough, to say the least. First, I really, really disliked the addition of Eve/Livia and found her to be basically a way for the show to retell Xena's story through her daughter. Second, and this ties in with my first point, ugh, I am not a fan of using big time jumps* because, more often than not, it ends up feeling contrived, and it sure did here. Plus, great; Livia's an adult now and is basically Evil Xena 2.0. Third, oh my GOD, some of the episodes are awful (just wait until Day 11 and you'll see), and not even in an enjoyable way. Now, Lucy Lawless was pregnant at the time, so they had to find a way to either incorporate that (which they did for a bit) into Xena's storyline or remove her completely; that just ended up backfiring and providing the world with terrible, terrible television.

Now, that doesn't mean there weren't awesome parts to this season. The first half of the season showed promise (with a few missteps, obviously), and of course, the lead actresses were incredible. I still recommend watching the entire season because you'll miss quite a bit of character development, but I guess you can skip one of two episodes (again, tune in for Day 11 to see which ones you should avoid at all costs).


* Unless we're talking Parks and Recreation, because I thought the time jump between Seasons Six and Seven was a brilliant idea. Yay! No further pregnancy storylines! What made Ron and Leslie enemies?? Amy Poehler's hair looks amazing! You know, I'm going to have to do a Parks and Rec challenge, aren't I?
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