Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Well ...

So, obviously I have not been keeping up with this blog. A lot has gone on over the past year, and I can't say that the majority of it has been good. Then again, this has been a year that has seen the deaths of some of my heroes, the latest being the irreplaceable Carrie Fisher, and the election of a sociopathic Cheeto to our highest office, so maybe my life during 2016 is just a microcosmic representation of the greater shitstorm.

Now, my plan is to take up production again here - catch up on my challenges, write about my experiences over the past twelve months, start my new blog (more on that later), etc. - but first? Updates!

First, I'm going back to school this spring. It's just the prerequisites, though, which isn't necessarily exciting, but hey, I'm fucking thrilled. Well, not necessarily about the statistics class I have to take, but the other stuff - anatomy and physiology, developmental psychology, microbiology - is what I'm really looking forward to taking. Then, in May 2018? I will be starting nursing school.

Second, for those of you who don't follow me on Facebook, Three and I are getting divorced. It's been a long road that started well over a year ago but only truly began when I came back up to Louisville. I'll delve into it more deeply next year (NEXT YEAR OMG), but it does lead me into my third point.

I'm currently writing a screenplay for the first episode of a web series that is loosely based (at least factually - emotionally, it's spot on) on my life after I left my husband in April. I've been very blessed with the people I've met in the last eight or so months I've been in Louisville, and I actually have an infrastructure here that will actually enable me to get this for-real accomplished. It's bizarre, like I was meant to go through what I did and meet the people I have so I could do this. I even have a friend (hi, Mel!) who is going to help me market it around town. So again, be sure to check on my Facebook for updates about that. It'll have its own Facebook page (currently, it's not visible because it literally has nothing on it) and eventually its own website.

Fourth, I probably won't be doing any more Life with Pets, which kind of pains me. Zola is living with my parents permanently, and only Mushroom and Ramses are left. Even though that merely mentioning it vaguely causes me to feel a pit of sadness in my stomach, I know I'll have to write a post about it soon.

Well, that's it for now. I probably won't be putting anything on here other than back-posts until after the first of the year. So Happy New Year to everyone, and let's kick 2016 on its ass!
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