Thursday, February 23, 2017

28 Day Friends Challenge, Day 15: Favorite Season Six Episode

See, I am trying to catch up! My goal is to have all of these posts completely finished by the end of the month, and by gum, I'm gonna do it.

I feel like the Thanksgiving episodes of Friends were always some of the best. The first season's anti-Thanksgiving kind of set the bar high, but generally, they improved with each season. And Season Six did not disappoint even remotely; it may even be a contender for my favorite episode of the entire series. I mean, it's not, obviously. You'll have to wait for Day 20 to see what that is.

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"The One Where Ross Got High" has Phoebe lusting after Jack Geller and then Jacques Cousteau (for dream reasons), Monica and Chandler trying to figure out how to get Ross to tell her parents that Chandler wasn't the one who got high and melted all of Ross' dad's records, Ross avoiding telling the truth to anyone, Rachel making a disastrous dessert, and Joey wanting to celebrate the holiday with his new roommate, Janine, and her dancer friends. Like "The One with All the Resolutions," everyone is engaged here, wanting very distinct things and willing to do whatever they can to get them.

I don't even know if I have a favorite part, really. Everyone's acting game is on point, including Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles, and there's not one storyline that gets ignored or downplayed. I mean, I still despise Ross, but that just kind of goes without saying; the difference is his annoying attributes are what make everything he does and says that much more hilarious. You're meant to hate him at this point, and his yelling match with Monica (like so many of their secret revealing sessions) is probably one of the highlights of the entirety of Friends. They really seem like siblings here, and it's just glorious.

I guess what I like the most is that, in everyone's life, you come to that juncture where your childhood trespasses come to light and nobody really cares that much. Jack and Judy could have been absolutely furious with Ross for 1) lying about smoking the pot and 2) realizing that he's not as perfect as they (acted like) they thought he was. Instead, they are like, "Dear God, whatever, you're adults. Also, Chandler, you are wonderful."

Well, I know what I'll be watching this evening! Thanks, Friends Challenge!

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