Thursday, February 23, 2017

28 Day Friends Challenge, Day 19: Favorite Season Ten Episode

You know, last challenge made me think that today's choice was gonna be hard because Season Ten was such a crap bag, but upon rewatch, I was surprised at the one episode I would have assumed would be my favorite because, well ... you'll see.

Via Mic
"The One with Phoebe's Wedding" wasn't as iconic as Ross and Emily's London destination wedding or long-awaited as Monica and Chandler's, but it is definitely my favorite wedding. We get to see Monica at her bossiest, and Phoebe yelling at her was probably the best Phoebe tirade ever. Monica is stupidly overbearing, and honestly, I actually really hated her this time. Like, her smug expression as she watches Phoebe freak out over changes and things she ordered (against Phoebe's wishes, BTW) made me really angry (although I will admit it fits with her character), and I wished that someone pointed out what an asshole hypocrite she was being. But I didn't write the show, so ...

The wedding ceremony was perfect and and honestly, if I ever get married again, I want something like it. Phoebe's dress? OMG. The steel drums, the snow, the lights? Seriously. The vows? Wonderful. Love it all, even the snow, and I'm pretty much completely anti-precipitation.

Then there's the rest of the series, which ... meh. It's Season Ten.


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