Saturday, February 4, 2017

28 Day Friends Challenge, Day 4: Least Favorite Female Character

You know that episode I mentioned yesterday where Chandler was like, "Hey, you're passionate, and I love that about you?" It's that episode that I realized I really didn't like Rachel all that much.
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In the first couple of seasons, I actually preferred Rachel over Monica because I identified with her more. She didn't know what she was going to do with her life, so she just kind of floated around aimlessly at a job she hated (and wasn't particularly any good at) and dated a ridiculous number of guys without any real idea as to what she wanted. But after she started moving up the ladder? I don't know. It's like any life she had in her suddenly disappeared.

Like in so many cases with this show, I feel like it's the writers who failed here. They didn't know what else to do with her once she started to get successful, especially after Monica and Chandler's relationship took center stage. I can honestly say I can't recall any major storylines that involve her until we get to Season 8, and even then it's not about her; it's about her and Ross.

I mean, I don't actively hate her or anything, but she's just so blah. She's supposedly a pushover (as Phoebe states) and easygoing, but what do we actually know about her? She ... likes fashion? I know I give the writers a lot of flak for how they boil the characters down to one or two defining traits, but she doesn't even get that. We don't even know if she's really as good at her job as we're supposed to think she is. Monica is constantly cooking, and Ross is shown teaching and speaking at major paleontology functions. Joey is shown to be at least nominally successful in acting by landing a major role on a soap opera and stars in a WWI epic with Gary Fucking Oldman, and Phoebe has no shortage of massage clients (except when she teaches them to massage themselves at home). Even Chandler's boring job of data reconfiguration gets airtime, even if it is to mock him for it. And Rachel just shows up to work, kind of gets talked down to when she moves over to Ralph Lauren, gets into a relationship with her assistant, and wears fashionable clothes. BUT WHAT DOES SHE ACTUALLY DO? I still don't really know? Or maybe they do say something, and I just don't care. Regardless, whatever.

What's sad is I actually really like Jennifer Aniston! I'm one of those who enjoyed Along Came Polly, and her performance in Office Space is still one of my favorites. The Good Girl was absolutely amazing, and even Horrible Bosses used her comic timing well. I haven't seen any of her more recent stuff, but that's pretty much true about everything for me right now.

So essentially, my dislike of the character goes back to the writers. Rachel deserved better.

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