Sunday, February 5, 2017

28 Day Friends Challenge, Day 5: Least Favorite Male Main Character

This was actually hard because at various points in the series, I either love or hate all three of the main dudes. Overall, though, I have to say Ross, but like with Rachel, I feel like this was the writers' faults. I already touched on this back on Day 3, but it's like suddenly, Ross, the caring father and actually pretty decent boyfriend, turned into a neurotic mess that somehow managed to keep relationships with his closest friends, despite what seemed to be him sabotaging everything around him. I guess that's the problem with comedies, unless we're talking It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, where all the characters are absolutely terrible. You're not supposed to empathize with those characters; you just enjoy how awful and self-centered they are. But for some reason, I'm supposed to feel for Ross' plight. Nope. Not gonna happen.

Like I have already said, I am going through a divorce, and yes, a lot of the emotional abuse I dealt with has clouded my perceptions. I destroyed a possible romance through my actions (although I discovered another in the process), and many of my friends nearly abandoned me because of it. I do not blame them in the least; I was irresponsible and callous and self-destructive. But I'm not Ross. I apologized, got into therapy, etc., and while my life isn't perfect, I've found new direction and love and acceptance. It can be fucking done. But I don't think the writers wanted to actually solve anything or have Ross grow as a person, which I find reprehensible. He doesn't even have to suffer the consequences! Ugh.

Okay, I have to stop now because it's late and I really don't want to go on some rant about a character I can't really stand. So good night, everybody!

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