Wednesday, August 16, 2017

30 Day Parks and Recreation Challenge

Damn. It's been ... like ... six months since I posted anything? And shit, I'm still behind on like two challenges? Whoops. I mean, a lot has happened over the past year, and the past six months have been absolutely insane. But that's no excuse! And to bring in the school year, I guess (???), I'm starting off with a challenge!

Via Bustle
That has got be my favorite promotional image for this show ever. Or maybe any show ever. But anyway, I absolutely adore Parks and Recreation. It's probably unhealthy, if I were to be completely honest about it, and I had a hard time handling it when the show ended. Oh, my god, did I bawl at the series finale - like a damn baby.

What drew me to this show was the earnest, kind, dedicated characters (yes, even Tom) that populated the cast and the incredibly positive message it sent out every week: things may look grim but, dammit, surround yourself with good people and push through and you'll see the light. It is in all of us, even if we live in a world that beats us down daily, but we can't just sit and hope that things will get better. We have to do things. Use that fucking light.

Ahem. Sorry. Soapbox moment.

But anyway, here's what I'll be working on in September!

Day 1: How I Was Introduced to Parks and Recreation
Day 2: Favorite Female Main Character
Day 3: Favorite Male Main Character
Day 4: Favorite Season
Day 5: Least Favorite Season
Day 6: Favorite Season One Episode
Day 7: Favorite Season Two Episode
Day 8: Favorite Season Three Episode
Day 9: Favorite Season Four Episode
Day 10: Favorite Season Five Episode
Day 11: Favorite Season Six Episode
Day 12: Favorite Season Seven Episode
Day 13: Favorite Episode
Day 14: Least Favorite Episode
Day 15: Favorite Recurring Character
Day 16: Least Favorite Recurring Character
Day 17: Something That Happened I Wish Didn't
Day 18: Something That Didn't Happen I Wish Did
Day 19: Parks and Recreation's Relevance
Day 20: Favorite Ann Moment
Day 21: Favorite Andy Moment
Day 22: Favorite April Moment
Day 23: Favorite Ben Moment
Day 24: Favorite Chris Moment
Day 25: Favorite Donna Moment
Day 26: Favorite Jerry Moment
Day 27: Favorite Leslie Moment
Day 28: Favorite Ron Moment
Day 29: Favorite Tom Moment
Day 30: How Parks and Recreation Inspires Me
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