Saturday, September 23, 2017

30 Day Parks and Recreation Challenge, Day 23: Favorite Leslie Moment

Via Geek Girl Con
In a similar manner to Chris Traeger, Leslie Knope is so much more relatable when she is not necessarily on her A-game, and luckily, we get to see that side of her more often than we do with Chris. I mean, she is the main character, after all.

My favorite not-perfect moment from Leslie comes at the tail end of "Camping," the episode following the wildly successful Harvest Festival. This leaves Leslie feeling overwhelmed and worried that she reached her peak because she can't think of her next great money-making event. The entire crew is dragged out camping - most against their will - and forced to "bond" and come up with their own ideas, which obviously works out well for all parties involved (that is sarcasm). Ron ends up locking Leslie in a room at a creepy bed and breakfast, where she takes a nap and rushes into a meeting with Chris and Ben with a list of great options for them to choose from.

And then this happens:
Via Pop Sugar
It's little, short scenes like this one that remind you that these (fictional) people are just like us. I could totally see myself having this reaction to my own morning breath, and well, I have. It was not pleasant. Believe me.

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