Monday, September 25, 2017

30 Day Parks and Recreation Challenge, Day 25: Favorite Ben Moment

Via Fourth Wall Wyatt
Any time Adam Scott looks into the camera, it brings me joy. The other characters do this, as well, but his incredulous glances are so reminiscent of my own internal reactions to the ridiculous shit that other human beings do that it's impossible not to laugh. Now, you'd think that I would use one of his reactions to whatever antics the other characters are doing as my favorite Ben moment, but you'd be wrong. But it is a type of reaction, only while speaking to the "reality show crew."

Ben moves in with April and Andy shortly after their marriage, finding them ill-prepared adults who didn't even have a bank account. Out of pity for their lack of plates - they were using Frisbees - he gives them cash to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for some Essentials of Adulting, which brings us to my actual favorite Ben moment.
Via Degrassi Wiki
I actually had the chance to use this sentence the other day when two teenagers came up to the desk to check out racquetball equipment and one asked me if he had to wear goggles. One of the personal trainers was standing behind the desk with me and kind of glanced up in surprise but otherwise showed no reaction. I explained that, yes, due to safety reasons, he did, indeed, have to wear goggles while he was slapping a ball around a room; he scoffed at me, explaining that the ball was rubber so it wouldn't hurt if it made contact, and then followed that with a quick bounce of a ball on the ground, which promptly hit him in the eye. He and his friend then sheepishly took the goggles and walked off, with me uttering, "There's a 30% chance they'll both die" to the trainer. He found it tremendously amusing. I never found out if the boys came back uninjured, as my shift ended about ten minutes later. I still think about that sometimes.

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