Tuesday, September 26, 2017

30 Day Parks and Recreation Challenge, Day 26: Favorite Andy Moment

Via Thought Catalog
There are so many great Andy Dwyer moments that, again, it's really hard to choose just one of them. I was going to choose the moment when Andy walks like a chimpanzee while wearing Chris' Vibrams because I still laugh like a loony whenever I see that clip, but then I remembered London.

Nearly every single moment between Andy and Lord Covington was hilarious. They are two peas in an across-the-pond pod, from their general ineptitude - and very open about the fact they don't know what they're doing - and their love of childish things, but their camaraderie truly starts when they start fawning over Covington's collection of toy helicopters.
Via Tumblr
Via Parks and Rec Tumblr
Of course, this confounds Ben, as Covington is part of the British monarchy - whose family owns Scotland - but as time goes on, it's obvious that Andy and Covington have a connection, a weird, immature one, but that's about as pure as you can get.

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