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30 Day Parks and Recreation, Challenge Day 7: Favorite Season Two Episode

Once I got past the first season, as rocky as it was, the good episodes just kept coming. Seriously. I had such a hard time really pinpointing which ones really stood out as my favorite, but ultimately, I had to pick "Practice Date."
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Quick rundown: Councilman Dexhart has the first sex scandal, which leads Mark to suggest a game among the parks crew to find the most dirt on the others. Garry* is the only one who's very reluctant to play, which of course means he finds out that he's actually adopted. Tom is told by Mark about Ron's alter ego Duke Silver after Ron discovers that Tom's marriage to Wendy was for green card purposes only. Meanwhile, Leslie is incredibly nervous about her first date with Dave (Louis CK), so Ann takes her on a practice date to 1) evaluate her and 2) do some psychological therapy to get her over her fears. The ends up with Leslie very drunk and embarrassing herself by going to Dave's house and trying to impress him with the fact she knew what a bathroom was called. They do end up scheduling a second date, though, so yay all around.

First off, Leslie's everything was hilarious, and I identified with her so freaking much in this episode. I mean, I've never had a guy put his hand in my mouth, but I have had my share of terrible dates. I'm not awful on first outings with a person, but there is that extreme terror when it comes to interacting with someone I want to get to know better. A few weeks ago, I was kind of flirting with someone and had to text my roommate with "I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I'M DOING" as I sat there emotionally paralyzed. Granted, part of my problem is my extreme lack of trust in people, but that's a tale for another time.

Secondly, I found myself extremely attracted to Nick Offerman here:
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Maybe it's the hat, maybe it's the saxophone, maybe it's his smooth, deep voice or the chill demeanor ... who knows. I sure don't. But I love Ron's Duke Silver alter ego; it really fleshes Ron out in ways we hadn't seen before. He's a very private individual, even prompting Diane to say several seasons later that his response to everything was to go live in a cave, and while he's not ashamed of his musical talents, he has no desire to broadcast it everywhere, in contrast to Tom and Donna's approach to being forever on The Grid. I'll get more into Ron in his supplemental post, but this episode really did cement my love for his character.

Third, the random things the characters find out about each other is pure gold.
  • Donna donated money to David Duke's presidential campaign because he promised to lower taxes.
  • Despite him making fun of Ben for liking Star Wars in later seasons, Tom went as a Jedi for Halloween one year. 
  • April ran a riding lawn mower through a Nordstrom's (she actually revealed this information herself, but that's April for you).
  • Garry was hit by a fire engine and got plastic surgery because of it. 
Not surprisingly, nothing was really discovered about Mark, which just makes me wonder if the writers found him as bland as I do. When he confessed to Ann about a few of his skeletons, I was like, "Dude, you were young. Everybody smokes pot at some point." I know I rag on Mark a lot, but ugh. I really hate that guy.

Runners Up: "Hunting Trip" (a very close second - seriously, this almost got chosen over "Practice Date"), "Freddy Spaghetti," "94 Meetings," and "Ron and Tammy"


* How on earth nobody found out that his name wasn't really Jerry
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