Saturday, September 9, 2017

30 Day Parks and Recreation Challenge, Day 9: Favorite Season Four Episode

Back on Day 4, I did say that this season didn't get that coveted spot of favorite because the Ben and Leslie relationship thing took way too long to resolve, and I stand by that assertion. I mean, it took nearly half the season for them to say, "Fuck this, we want to be together," and while it was incredibly sweet to hear Ben declare his love for Leslie as he was resigning, I was more or less feeling like "ugh, finally" as opposed to, "OMG YAYYY." I'm not sure if that's what the writers were going for, but here we are.

But once that whole thing got resolved, the season picked up with a vigor, like it was happy to shed the nasty old shoulder pads of the GET IT TOGETHER YOU TWO era and right into the breezy baby doll dress of Leslie's campaign*. Which of course brings me to my favorite episode: "The Comeback Kid."
Via The Odyssey
Okay, so the scene on the ice is probably my favorite moment in the entire series. From the tiny red carpet to the platform to the theme song, everything is just this perfect storm of hilarity. Unfortunately, it ends with "Pistol" Pete Disellio** breaking his arm, but whatever. I never really liked that guy all that much, anyway.

I love that all of her friends stepped up to help Leslie when her campaign managers dropped her, and it really shows just how central Leslie is to the group. She is the main protagonist, sure, but the whole cast comes together here to support her, which is not something I believe could have happened even a season before. I could probably blame that on Mark, because LOL when will I not blame bad things on him; but seriously, I feel like they needed a whole season to wipe his influence out, maybe?

My favorite part of this episode, though, is Ben slowly realizing that he is, indeed, depressed. As someone who suffers from depression in a regular basis, I can confirm that there's a lot of denial the comes before beginning your healing process. No, I'm totally okay; let's just focus on distraction and everything will be fine! REALLY IT WILL. His sad little claymation video slapping him back into reality resonated strongly with me, because it truly was the smallest thing that made me realize the first time that I was suffering from chronic depression. I felt a kinship with Ben in this moment, more so than I had in any other episode, before or after.

I really want to write more about this episode because I love it so much, but I am exhausted (I'm writing this around 2A), so, I offer you this, just for your listening pleasure:

"Get On Your Feet" - Gloria Estefan

Runners Up: "Pawnee Rangers" and "Bus Tour"


* This is a very weird metaphor, but I'm not changing it. 
** I get that we're supposed to feel for him, but I just ... I don't know. Like ... dude, stop wallowing and tell them no, you don't want to be remembered just for your teenage achievements and close the door. Jesus. 
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