Thursday, January 4, 2018

31 Day Challenge: The Legion, Day 4: Favorite Character to Write

As I look back through my various challenges to see my favorite characters, I have noticed a trend. You've got Anya, the outspoken ex-demon who just spouts whatever comes to her brain first, then Starbuck, the troubled yet brilliant Viper jockey who just spouts whatever comes to her brain first, then Grunt, the powerful krogan avatar perfection that he is and who just spouts whatever comes to his brain first ... I think you're seeing what I'm seeing. And my favorite character to write definitely fits that same bill.

Hara was originally a one-shot character, someone I was going to remove from the story in some way in the middle of the first arc. I wasn't sure if she was going to die or just decide that it wasn't worth her time to stay (which honestly, sounds very Hara to me), but she wasn't supposed to return. But as I explored the world I created further, I realized she was much more important than I originally thought: she has ties to the universe that delve deeper than any other character I wrote.

But that's not why she is so much goddamned fun to write. When she's not babbling whatever first comes into her head, she is spouting a weird, prophetic lyrical wisdom that may or may not make sense, depending on when you're reading it. It's a blast to have her talk what seems to be absolute nonsense but know that what she's saying actually (probably) has a deeper meaning. She's also much more complicated than she seems at first glance, but I can't get into that because it is probably the single most important backstory of the entire series. Gah, I am terrible at secret-keeping, so this is actually killing me.

I will say this, though: because her history is as vital to the story as it is, it is so much fun to drop little hints or allude to things that are coming. I try to pepper it heavily with insanity because, well, Hara's mind is not sane, for reasons that I cannot get into. Again, gahhhhhhh.

I didn't mean for this one to be shorter than the last one, but if I write any more, I will give away so much.


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