Friday, April 20, 2018

30 Day Challenge: The Adventure Zone, Day 20: Favorite Taako Moment

I think if you took a poll, Taako would probably be at the #1 spot for Favorite Character, and a big part of that is Justin McElroy. He's such a witty guy, and for me, he's the most relateable of the brothers*. I wouldn't say that Taako is my favorite playable character, because they all, in the moment, become my favorite, depending on what's happening obviously, but so many of his quotes are hilarious
  • "Between this fan and the fancy sunbrella, I'm one 16-in waist away from Scarlett O'Hara."
  • "Yeah, no shit. Great job, Angela Lansbury." 
  • "How about I just shoot magic ouchies at him?"
  • "Arcana check. (rolls) Twenty-four. I know exactly what it is. I built it."
  • "Hell yeah, goin' rogue! Been waiting for this the whole time! Fuck yes, off the grid! (Justin narrating) I pull out my credit cards and shred 'em." 

My absolute favorite moment, though, is kind of a mixture of Justin's sense of humor and some honest character building. Also, God bless people who do animatics. 

But for those of you who can't watch the video, here's the transcript of my absolute favorite Taako moment, answering why he chose a mongoose for a mask. 
Because the mongoose has specialized acetylcholine receptors that make it impervious to venom, so they're known for killing snakes. Very surprisingly dangerous ... you know. Like Riki Tiki Tavi? You know, you know not everything has to be a joke. Sometimes you can just be honest about your feelings. And that's how I see myself, you know? I may not be the most threatening silhouette, but I like to think of myself as somebody who can stand up for - you know, it doesn't always have to be goof-goof-dildo the whole time, okay? You know, I'm traveling around with the Boner Squad, and I never get to say what I'm feeling. I have emotions! It's not all "Abra-ca-fuck-you" and what have you! I have a beating heart! I'm multidimensional! I'm a fully realized creation! FUCK!
I felt like this was the moment that Justin McElroy really got into playing Taako as a person and not just as a giant joke, which I love. For the first two arcs, Justin was teetering between having Taako be extremely dumb or very much a chaotic neutral (like when he, someone who has stolen a ton of shit, starts giving Magnus crap about taking money from a bank), but in this moment, he found a beautiful balance of someone who is very competent in wizardry and yet also so affected by his past that he puts up a front to keep people away. And of course, it doesn't help that Merle and Magnus just keep laughing in the background, although that's partly what made this whole bit so hilarious to me.  


Art Credit

* I am a hardcore fan of Sawbones, y'all. 
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