I have a whole other blog that's dedicated to "The Legion," which I haven't updated in a while due to various reasons, and it includes most the art that I've done for the novella series so far. Here is everything else! And believe me, there will be plenty more to come. I also have a much-neglected DeviantArt account, if you wanna go over there

If anyone is interested in prints or commissions, just shoot me an email at juniper dot trela at gmail dot com. And I hate that I have to say this, but all of these are the property of Jennifer Trela (aka me), but if you want to use them for whatever reason, just be sure to email me and then give me credit for them. Much obliged! :)


Le Tigre en Mouvement (Original Tattoo Design)
Harley Quinn as Eris
Lady Zoom
Le Tigre
Five and the Cherry Blossom
LA Joan


Forest in the Microcosm
Just Around the Bend
Study in Yellow
Midday Dew Drops
Zola on a Ride
Nature's Fluff
Cornfield at Dusk
Bees Are Hard to Photograph 
Country Roads
Blossoms and Greens
Queen Anne's Lace
There Are Leaves on the Trees, Mama 
A Fairy's Trumpet
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